Pewvember day 6: The Rodor Multishot was the first commercially viable auto-firing laser, but was heavy and prone to overheating after just a dozen shots or so.

(my original goal with pewvember was to create stripped-down pew pew noises, but as i go along i'm finding it more fun to tell tiny stories.)

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@phooky Also, I meant no disrespect with that comment. I just thought it was funny to imagine that as a ringtone. I genuinely enjoyed the story and sound. Thank you for creating and sharing it!

@cstanhope it really does sound like a ringtone! I started with the bit at the end and thought it sounded like an error/warning sound, and worked backwards from there.

@phooky you should code a bot that generates these stories and do a pewvember/nanogenmo combo :D

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