A friend is giving me their discarded Google Glass, which, given the insane rate at which Google develops and discards technology, counts as retrocomputing.

@phooky Other than the cringeworthy pricetag (the $ are AUD. But it was $1500 US + tax late 2013) the whole thing was a complete cringefest. At the time there was some drama between the UK Google Glass Marketing Manager and Sergey Brin which prompted with his divorce and I took part in a hackathon in London of some people that wanted to make some NSFW app which made it to some media outlets (even though it was just an idea).

@phooky Awesome. I've always wanted to try one out. So sad they canceled it.

@lerk the quickstart guide notes that before you start you should have a google account "with Google+" so there are discontinued wheels within discontinued wheels here

@phooky Are you able to connect the thing to a computer (and do stuff using adb)?

I'd really love to see actual screenshots because I don't think the UI shown in Google's promotional videos is the real one.

@lerk did a factory reset and got it connected. Mounted its storage but haven't messed around with ADB yet. I probably won't get too much of a chance to play around with this for the next week, alas. It looks like most of the software breathlessly developed for it in 2014 is unsupported and nonfunctional now

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