according to these computational creativity researchers, a poem is good if it has the following characteristics:

* relevant
* fluent
* imaginative
* touching
* impressive
* typical (as a poem)
* understandable
* quality language
* mental images
* emotional
* likable
* human
* readable
* formal


does it smell
like a poem

how strongly
how much
do you wrinkle your nose

does it still smell like a poem in here
a week, a month later

have you tried every cleaning product
all afternoon in apron and rubber gloves
scrubbing furiously at the carpet

trying to get out the stench
trying to head off the shame

of a friend or colleague visiting
in a month, or a year
and stepping in to the room saying

does it smell like a poem in here

the vague vinegar scent
of Mastodon scrubbing away my carefully planned whitespace

which as we all know is a key attribute

of poetry

@phooky proposed new scale for computer-generated poetry papers, after emily dickinson: on a scale of one to five, how much does it make your whole body so cold no fire can warm you? how much does it make you feel physically as if the top of your head were taken off?

@aparrish methodology: to calibrate scale principal investigator engulfed in flame, upper cranium removed

"i freely chose this particular autovivisection" says desperate graduate student

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