[extremely anime voice] "the green knight"? More like "serial experiments Gawain"

In case you think I'm joking, if you want to do prussdrv development this is literally the entirety of what TI is willing to give you:

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In case anyone else is wondering where to get the TI PRU assembler tool, just instal CCS with AM180x support, and look in ti-sdk-am180x-evm/example-applications/pru-1.00.00/. You can find the documentation in a zip archive of a wiki page in a single post on the TI engineer forum in the back of a filing cabinet in a disused lavatory with a sign on the door that says "beware of the leopard"

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Hey look, everyone, it's Chutes and Ladders, the game that requires no skill to win and coincidentally centers white males

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Ooh, a glorious text-mode resource, for command line or browser: a universe of cheat sheet information for the CLI, for programming languages, for emacs, and on and on.

Set your coordinates to cht.sh


or see the extensive documentation in the repo


One of the problems I have with my current lifestyle is that it takes me about twenty minutes to get rolling on coding, and so by the time I've done a few chores and made worksheets for the kids and sat down to code, I've got five minutes of productivity before it's time to pick up the kids again. :/

Plinth: actual marble, apparently antique
Skull: bright orange PLA print from last Halloween

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Parents and grandparents moving and getting rid of their stuff is leading to some interesting Decor Moments™ at the phooky household

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Engineering Jones and the Time Thieves of DSPea (Harris Semiconductor, 1990) #DOSGaming

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...and the classic hack: stacking DIP chips on top of each other, lifting or cutting QFP pins for mod wires, are all accepted by IPC-7721 as legitimate methods for patching a production board. Interestingly, IPC-A-610 even allows stacked SMD resistors and capacitors by design, not limited to a modification.

Mod wires do have to follow some rules: secured by epoxy glue, not perpendicular to the pin, not crossing a component, and only a single wire should be used at a single pin. Also, zero-ohm resistors are acceptable pin bridges. #electronics

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Well, at least the PRU is initializing and I can hear the steppers jump. Which is nice. It's never returning from the buffer clear call, which is concerning. That concludes today's half hour hacking window; time to pick up the kids.

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A huge thank you to whoever it was at makerbot who left the debugging symbols in libmachine; this is going to make my dumb project much easier!

I *think* this is the person responsible for this silly wizardry, btw:

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see the blurry laptop in the banner image on this page?
try selecting text on it.

i just discovered godtube and mind is blown

Kids: Dad, can we have Katamari Damacy?
Me: we have Katamari Damacy at home
Katamari Damacy at home: beachball covered with corn syrup and a kiddie pool full of trash

parenting, death 

The 4yo started mercilessly asking questions about death over dinner and will not stop

he's just wrecking us, he's completely fucking us up with zero remorse

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