The 4yo decided tonight that he would read me a bedtime story. So he did. I could get used to this.

It turns out taking care of a kid who just got stitches is super easy; you just say yes to everything and give them kisses. A lot of TV happening today


Struggling to find somewhere, anywhere, to get my kid some stitches after he split his chin this morning

Hey, solarpunky types! Does anyone happen to know if it's more power-efficient to a) write data to an SD card or b) send the same data over WiFi (good connection, ~15 meters)? Or is this just something so dependent on environmental conditions that I'll just need to test it out?

Can't remember where I originally found this, but this collection of Hex problems is pretty fun:
(requires js)

how is it that no one ever told me about naki sumo
why was i not immediately informed

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A Powerful Culture
linocut print, 21.5"x12.5"

Text from the Sandia Labs report on long-term nuclear storage warnings.

Original prints for sale here:

Notes and process photos on my (wholly public) patreon blog:

Wait, an attachment can only be attached to one toot, forever? That is... that's broken. Maybe I can tweak mastodon cards just enough to do a simple view... ugh why does mastodon insist I do the Wrong Thing.

So, we subscribe to PJ Library, which is a service that sends out free kids books about basic Jewish cultural topics once a month. It's really good! Anyway, this month's installment is titled "Sammy Spider's First Yom Kippur", and I am _intensely interested in how they handle this_

Huh. My whole bot was premised on the idea that I would display a small set of images in a given order, but apparently this is impossible in mastodon for some reason?

tiny packet of memory: there used to be two used book stores almost next door to each other on 7th ave in park slope. the owners were a former couple who had broken up acrimoniously. A friend briefly worked for one of them; they were told on their first day that if the other owner walked in the door they were to call the cops. Both stores have been gone for over a decade.

Dear cash-strapped municipalities struggling with how to fill a recently-vacated plinth: kindly consider an attractive and cost effective replica of the monolith from '2001'
* represents human progress
* can scale to any size or budget
* unlikely to piss anyone in particular off
* encourages use of basic tools, space exploration

Here's what 80x160 at 1bpp looks like. (This was the front cover of the box I made for them, which I haven't found.)

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Thanks to the internet archive, I just found the sources for my old Bad News Arcana PalmOS app, including the images. Which were under 2K each, uncompressed. Because they were 80x160 1-bit BMPs. Well, I guess that's one way to cut down your file sizes.

Back on my curry bullshit, but let me tell you my homegrown peppers are just VIVID

Finally cleaned up and posted the cards. Will do something more clever with them someday, I'm sure.

I had one of those moments last night where I was too tired to take my usual tight "write a few lines, test, write a few more" approach to coding and just wrote the whole script in one chunk and everything just worked the first time. Why don't I just do that all the time?

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After a few weeks worth of work, I've finally been able to rebuild the equations of a registered (stateful) read-protected PAL (16R6) device, flash them on a GAL and obtain a functional replacement.
It's a breakthrough in my project of preserve the old computers I have around. #reverseengineering #preservation #electronics

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