Needs a board outline and some mounting holes and we're done.

Hello, and welcome to the first night of my weeklong self-produced one-man Samuel Beckett festival

Kicad people: I have a bus connector with an interrupt line that I signal by pulling low. What's the "right" type to specify this pin as? Open collector?

There was a very particular moment in NYC circa 2000 where there was a spate of electro/synth bands that spilled out of the halls of NYU ITP and could only exist in that first weird liminal dot-com bubble. De-Regulator was my favorite.

Ok, mapped the pins to the pico. This looks doable. I love software-remappable pins. Maybe I'll add some LEDs on the spare pins after all.

You can almost smell the point at which I kicked the router into "shove" mode

TIL that modern Lego motorcycle helmet visors snap on to classic 70s Lego space helmets

My 4yo has decided that his favorite song is "my house is a blob", a song that does not exist but is nonetheless awesome

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If you had an efficient factoring algorithm, the paper to publish should be modeled on this 1966 classic on Euler's conjecture.

@ranjit every time you retoot "we're ready for you" this sudden knot of anxiety appears out of nowhere; this is a powerful bot

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This morning's soundtrack: Radio Inferno (Andreas Ammer / FM Einheit). I hadn't given it a spin in a few years. SO GOOD.

It also reminds me that "A TV Dante" never got completed.

Happy lunar new year! Due to carcinisation, we regret to inform you that it is once again Year of the Crab

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