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parenting hack 

the 6yo wanted to sleep in my bed tonight and i told him he wasn't old enough. we negotiated a bit and finally decided he'll be able to sleep in our bed with us when he's fourteen.

considering creating an embarrassing calendar reminder

the 6yo just asked if olive oil tastes like olives and i'm tempted to just let him figure out this one on his own

How come no one says "all right, more mister nice guy"?

Trying to talk to the kids about good smartphone use habits and realizing I'm going to have to fix myself first. I grew up in a family that was able to help me learn, for example, how to limit my television time and recognize the tricks that broadcasters would use to encourage you to keep watching. But phones? My generation had zero guidance. I look at how the boomers got eaten alive by Fox News because they grew up without that guidance and it's terrifying. How much brain rot am I experiencing without even noticing?

I feel like every few years HAKMEM pops up, without anyone mentioning that it is an inscrutable document that makes no sense to almost everyone. So I'll say it: I'd love to read an annotated HAKMEM, but on its own it's a waste of time.


another time, Rio Sport

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Okay. This device says it does USB 1.1. It's got a weird four-pin connector. Two of the pins are ground.

I'm guessing it's just ignoring power and using the other two as D+/D-? I'll give it a quick whirl.

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Battery didn't even leak, and it's got a 1GB SD card on there. Probably my mom's or my brother's? It has that 00's rubbery plastic that gets sticky, but it hasn't gotten sticky yet. Anyone have preservation hints?

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[cleaning out basement] don't get distracted don't get distracted don't get distrGREAT SPECTRE OF FUCK WHAT

this song has been living rent free in my mind for the past twenty years and it's welcome to it

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remember the knife
hidden in the nightstand
i'm going to chop off his bony hand

I kind of appreciate that I just received an email reminding me that for my safety, I must wear a face covering at all times in the catacombs

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Video of a talk I gave yesterday at the MoMath Moves 2022 conference, on some of the puzzles I've been working on recently. There are one or two things in here that I haven't got around to making a proper video of yet!

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A ghost artist

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