For the past hour I have been alternately training GPT2 models and picking up human feces with my hands; it's that kind of day

One thing about me: once I get back on my bullshit it's really hard to get back off again

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Practicing a form of artistic meditation that I haven't messed around with in a quarter-century. I used to crank these out by the half-dozen and give them to friends all the time.

someone just bought up CTY and suddenly I'm digging up playlists of the music they'd play at dances 35 years ago and feeling nostalgic and very, very, very old.

i made a conscious decision years ago to just get good at drilling and tapping instead of learning to weld, and it's served me pretty well. it's so much nicer for me to be able to just take things apart and put them together again when i need to.

especially annoying: I like the *concept* of udisks2 very much. Non-root users should be able to mount and eject media! Not being able to do it easily from the cli or script it is painful.

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there's a lot to dislike about snaps (and other fake filesystems), but the bit that bugs me most day-to-day is how unusable it makes the past 30+ years of storage management tools. Using "df" to figure out how much space you have left? Let's say you're Being Modern and want to use 'udisksctl dump' to figure out what drives you've got? Good luck sorting through fifteen screens of extraneous bullshit to find what you want!

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In my mind Wendy Williams, Wendy Carlos, and William Carlos Williams have merged into a single multiheaded beast, a kind of Ghidorah of media

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I have blöggen about my Peer Gynt quilt. Read here for inside info on the design process and more close-up pics. #quilting #blog

I refuse to recognize any court that does not have a giant poster of JUSTICE on the wall

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I have been charged with a serious crime. I hope I have a good conpu-lawyer.

Revolutions podcast's is back baby. It's good again. Awoouu (wolf Howl)

my exercise control loop:
if you can't hear your heart pounding in your ears, pedal faster
if you can't hear your podcast over your heart pounding in your ears, pedal slower

uspol, +ish 

I've been taking a few minutes every day to at least skim the new WH briefing room:
There's rarely more than a half-dozen items a day, and it gives a good overview what's going on. Much more accessible than the congressional record

I just spent two hours in the basement sorting out the literal miles of cat5e and cat6 the previous owners of this house had run to find the one cable hooked up to the jack in the front room. This house has too many wires.

Holy shit, listening to "Heavy Metal Kids" and it's blowing my mind that this is actually early Kraftwerk. How is this even possible

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The Pi micro datasheet is fun 'By sheer coincidence, the interpolators are extremely well suited to SNES MODE7-style graphics routines. For example,
on each core, INTERP0 can provide a stream of tile lookups for some affine transform, and INTERP1 can provide
offsets into the tiles for the same transform.'

Just did that thing where I was planning out when I could get to NYCR to borrow a crimp tool, when I could get back to return it, whether we had enough RJ45 connectors left etc before I realized I could just order this all online and it would get here before I'd even be able to pick up the crimper. I want to reduce my ecological footprint, but sometimes you just need to get shit done.

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