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previous toot from this amazing article about a gloriously unreleased Atari 2600 game written by Carol Shaw that was originally intended as a cologne tie-in:

(romchip is Extremely My Jam, btw)

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Someday I will get back to working on projects that are interesting to other people. For now it's fixing fifty year old slide projectors, learning TUI toolkits, writing single serving sqlite dbs, and keeping little kids from wrecking themselves.

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throwing out my code, rewriting everything in python, listening to lofi on a rainy afternoon

Me: i'd like to parse a command line
Rust: ok, no problem
Me: also, read binary data from a file into a struct
Rust: s--sure, i can do that, that's a thing i can do
Me: write a few records into a sqlite db
Rust: [sweating profusely] okay, yes, that's definitely something i've done before
Me: ... maybe query that db later
Rust: [excuses self to restroom, does not return]

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I found a matrix schematic for LEDs using the CD4514B chip from 1983 by John H. DuBois III

The name sounded familiar and he did turn out to be one of the founders of Armory (as spcecdt)

I look at the collections I've had over the years and wonder about the people who made these and what happened to them. Some of these have no attribution it's also hard to find who made them

taped-together glasses
slide rule
pocket protector
leaky ballpoint
button down shirt
fluorescent lights
beige slacks
tuned to NPR
sensible sweaters
corn flakes

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