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I am ready to nominate "cookies for breakfast" as the new national anthem, and maybe as the only song allowed

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At four years old, my son is already introducing me to new music that is too cool for me. I am now completely losing my shit over Matt Farley.

Is this the real blaseball season or is it just fantasy blaseball

Opened up one of the A-J modems, heart in mouth, and it's... Ok? It looks fine. A little corrosion around a couple of ICs that looks old, and the exterior of the EIA port is a little crusty. This probably still works.

Preemptively check out my soundcloud on the strength of these sick toots

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Actually, the farmer is named Bingo. The farmer's dog is called Bingo's Monster

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[singing to child] there was a farmer had a dog and Bingo was his-- [stops short] wait, what if Bingo is the *farmer's* name

apple iie, bummed 

All the shit going on in the world and in our family and for some reason losing a bog standard 40-year-old computer that I never even used as a kid is really getting to me today

I'm super afraid to open up my Anderson-Jacobson acoustic couplers now

"I just googled something I found around the house and your website came up" is something I'm surprised I don't hear more

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BRB, going back to vocational school to train to haul giant samovars around on my back, accost random folks with cups of lapsang souchong

( •_•)
/ > (\_/)
/ > ( •_•)
/ > / > (\_/)
/ > / > ( •_•)
/ > / > / > / \|/ / // \ |

I'm sorry but I'm having a lot of trouble reading that "a cluster of coronavirus cases in a rural area of Switzerland may be linked to two yodeling concerts" and not losing it

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this is your periodic reminder that back in the day sound cards were a significant additional expense when buying a computer

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3d flythrough of a near-optimal TSP tour through a dataset of nearly \(2^{21}\) stars:


(A hint: I found the "full view of tour" a lot easier to navigate than the mini-view on the main page.)

Looking for a game recommendation: my 4yo loves Baba is You but it gets hard quickly. Can anyone think of a game with a similar aesthetic but a difficulty gradient suitable for kids?

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