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basically advertising for MNT Reform 

oh wow we just made it past $300k! 🖤 (did you know you can still preorder MNT Reform, the open hardware laptop?)

Sir, this is
a waffle house
we're happy here
in the waffle house
oh it's so yum

IMPORTANT UPDATE: he apparently has discovered a book at his preschool called "The Highway Rat" about a rat that robs other animals at swordpoint

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My 4yo just stopped on a street corner and yelled "stand and deliver!" at the top of his lungs

A friend mentioned a certain brand of coconut milk as being a paragon of bad graphic design so I had to look it up and hoo boy she was not kidding

This is probably the most interesting thing Paul Krugman has ever written, but is also as hilariously stupid as everything else Paul Krugman has ever written:

anyone else's kid come in to their room and read them the same falafel and hummus recipe from their cookbook every night before bedtime? no? just me?

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I took up watercolor painting at the beginning of the pandemic. Here’s a cute little Amstrad PPC640 I painted back in May!

Holding up less well: apparently this is the splash screen I decided to ship with ReplicatorG version 5

The toolbar buttons I designed for ReplicatorG in mid-2009. I think they hold up pretty well.

the situation, aside 

I don't write about politics and the horrors of what's going on in world here. I don't feel that it's useful or productive for me, or for anyone else.

It's not that I don't care. I do, and deeply. I just don't think it's useful or helpful for me or anyone else to commiserate here.

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I'm looking to commision a UI designer to help design the 250x122 bitmap interface for my e-ink public transit timer. Send me your rate sheet and let's talk!

current status: reading ten-year-old documentation on a wikidot

It's the first MakerBot Cupcake CNC!

The was the first machine we sold and shipped, in kit form, in the first half of 2009. We sold it to my brother. He and some coworkers spent a week and a half putting it together. A decade later, we're going to try to get it chugging again.

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It's a MakerBot Cupcake CNC

But it's not just any MakerBot Cupcake CNC

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