After years of defaulting to unsalted butter I have recently switched to having salted butter on toast in the morning and friends I am here to tell you: salted butter is just so delicious

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My spouse and I have an aggressive "throw out all business cards the moment we get home" policy but Stephen Wolfram's is so pretty that we don't have the heart to chuck it.

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Conceptual and precise, Amelia Frost et al. bring together microarchitecture and major arcana in a clear, understandable framework. The text presents fundamental concepts and foundational techniques, associations behind the hierarchy of the cards and the correspondences between the suits, and presents four case-studies---both academic and commercial---of the implementation of hardware malice recognition at various caching levels. Theoreticians and practitioners alike will find this book of interest.

ugh the esp32 can't do any kind of usb so my fakey-wakey Wake on WLAN scheme is belly up. i guess i could... strap a teensy to an esp32? this is a lot of work to avoid just running a single wire inside my pc, i guess

The Annulus Area Problem:
(via Catriona Shearer, who you should definitely know about if you like recreational geometry)

Looking to buy a small telescope (mostly for moongazing and maybe Jupiter) that is sturdy enough to be around small kids. Any suggestions?

Blew three quarters of an hour trying to get wakeup-over-wireless-lan working. Looks like there's too many points of failure for me to diagnose what's wrong.

I charged up and booted that N810 and suddenly realized that it was my spouse's, because _of course_ we independently bought N810s years before meeting each other. So on brand

At what point do you discard the illusion that your baby is teething and admit to yourself that it's just leaking

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Slow SPI flash chip erase cycles are still better than waiting for the sunlight to flip all the UV EPROM bits back to 0xFF.

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The kids, who were up until now deeply into Daft Punk, are suddenly entirely mesmerized by Vashti Bunyan.

my website promise to you:
* no parallax
* no hamburger menus
* no website

Found a scan of my old Bad News Arcana on one of these external drives. Wish I knew where the originals were. Probably circa 2000 or so.

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