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@phooky I found two Norton Utilities floppies a few months back outside the gas station(not kidding).

Maybe Norton tools are materializing into the prime material plane in an attempt to restore the timeline with Backup Exec?

Hey y'all look what I found on the street this morning

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"I'll just write some applesoft basic and use the cassette interface to send it to the IIe," he says casually, never imagining that loading code into applesoft basic over the cassette interface is next to impossible

Prominently visible is "baba", which is the time he gets to play Baba Is You

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It turns out I have a mint condition copy of one of the biggest marketing mistakes in history (or at least in the history of computing) in a box of stuff I got with my Osborne 1. I had no idea!

#retrocomputing #osborne #marketing #history

Well, the sweet talker ii seems to work. I'll try to document it later this week.

phooky boosted converts 3D STL files to 2D SVG suitable for #plottertoots with interactive camera positioning, back-face culling, hidden-line removal, and coplanar-triangle merging.

Reassembled the keyboard and wrote my first basic program. A little more cleanup and I'll finally be ready to finally try voice synthesis.

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@kensanata Remember a little while back when you were interested in the idea of smolnet propaganda? I found a short blog post by Bruce Sterling ( which ends with the line "My internet is substantially quieter than yours, and teaches me new things every day". I absolutely love this line! "My internet is substantially quieter than yours" is a wonderful catchphrase by itself, perfect for fans of Gopher, Gemini and pubnixes.

"You can't quantify love" says someone who has clearly never worked out how many hours of sleep they have lost this week snuggling their anxious 4yo back to bed

Cleaned out the gunk with some isopropyl and we're back in business. Wonder if anyone has ever seen an Apple II keypad on the wild...

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Finally fixed my IIe keyboard issue. Working from the assumption that the keyboard itself was good, I found a signal on the Y4 scan that was consistent with it bridging to something. But that pin runs straight to the kbd connector! So I traced it on the board and discovered that it also ran to a pin on the keypad connector. Which looked a little messy, so I desoldered it to find... this.

In a better world, we would have had Brak Friday.

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First plots! Well, first computer-controlled plots!

Shown here: HP 7045A analogue X-Y recorder with signals generated by an STM32F103. X and Y are generated with PWM and an extremely basic 2nd order low pass filter.

#plotter, #plotterverse

Today in "what my 4yo found in the basement": his great-grandfather's Burroughs electrical adding machine.

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