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Today's hyper-specific basement treasure: some design notes for the x-axis of the Cupcake CNC, circa 2009.

Someone stripped down a bike in front of our house. Basically all that's left are the frame and wheels. What do we do with this? Are these parts just not valuable to anyone?

What happens when you pour an entire bottle of superglue down the drain? Good morning, and welcome to Toddler Science Saturday. I'm Ira Flatow, and I don't think I drank any, but I can't remember and won't say for sure

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Streaming a 1 hour shader stream with music by Aetherflow ( in 3 minutes!

watch here!
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The 3yo just asked if whales have noses and I just got to blow their mind

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i forgot to add an image description for accessibility:
"an advertisement for The United States College of Embalming. A woman in a chiton peruses a comically oversized textbook, proctored by an owl, while sitting on the back of a large-breasted sphinx, which is rolling its eyes. A reference mummy is on the table behind her. They are surrounded by fantastic fronds."

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old and busted: majoring in STEM fields
new hotness:

Great now I have to explain what a launch scrub is to two very disappointed toddlers

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Fun photography tip: floppy disks are infrared pass filters and your mobile phone camera might be sensitive to the near IR that passes through.

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I’ve just learned about Diphylleia grayi, otherwise known as Skeleton Flower as its flowers turn translucent when they’re rained on

Oh right, the cursed pin pitch which got this whole board started

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