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Until you open the box, it may contain a live cat, a dead cat, or maybe a fucking dragon. Keep opening those boxes, you might get lucky

one day i'm just going to give this kid a key to the front door and directions to the 24hr diner and it's going to blow his mind

2yo wakes up crying at 4:30 am. "what's wrong?" "i want pancakes." i feel you, dude

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My child scrawls imaginary glyphs, just dodging a catastrophic form

My facial hair has dandruff

Why and how

burn all your fucking christmas music and play this again


It's just occurred to me that, in English, the only time a trailing 's is a contraction for "us" is in "let's". How weird.

I think something that people need to understand is that the bulk of patents exist because tech companies blindly offer fixed bonuses to employees that get patents, regardless of their value

just read an article that referred to my first job out of school as having "wrote the bro code"

kid #2 decided to cry for a half hour before falling to sleep and now twenty minutes later kid #1 is sitting up in bed listening carefully

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The fediverse is kept a largely safe and happy place by a fortress wall of medium articles the bemoan the fact that the fediverse is hopeless and will never succeed. That fortress wall was shoddily built for us by techbros and journalists and we must take responsibility for maintaining it. If we don't start repairing the cracking masonry with new medium articles about how mastodon simply can't grow fast enough for real humans to use it then the walls will crumble. Do your part.

My toddler's new go-to phrase when he doesn't get what he wants is "MOPE FOR DAYS"

what happens when bitcoin finally completely crashes and all that malware starts getting used for something really problematic

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OK, massmind, I'm stumped. How the hell am I supposed to solder to the shield on these? Nickel-plated zinc lugs, huge heat sink. I've tried flux and a beefy iron.

all I want for christmas is low value novelty cryptocurrencies

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