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Do you like retro future space race aesthetics?
Do you like puzzles?
Do you do art on commission?
Contact me!

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I trained a recurrent neural network on all of the titles of papers in my Zotero and my research and practice got completely roasted

Current status: reading a course catalog for a Florida-based astrology school with a better code of conduct than most tech conferences

somebody made a conscious decision to put ™ symbols here

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what do we want? serial consoles!
when do we want it? after going through an m.2 to mini pcie to db9 to a null modern and a rs232 USB adapter

This. If you're going to make a Bootstrap site, use this theme. Do it.

(via B. Combee)

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Playing with remoteproc and PRUs and it's... good? it might be good?

Fixed our crappy broken baby monitor. Now it's just crappy, instead of crappy and broken.

(Motorola MBP867, btw; awful design, avoid.)

Seth got his blit terminal running, and it is awesome:

just installed subversion for the first time in years. it's amazing how quickly git destroyed svn. i remember helping transition someone from cvs->svn just a decade ago.

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A simple browser-based method for making those cool signal diagrams and packet diagrams that you see in textbooks

This timelapse of random MDT-9100 fiddling is somehow deeply satisfying:

*shakes, breathes heavily*
*passes out*

looking for a non polar 3.9uF electrolytic cap (to replace one in an old CRT unit). anyone know where to find such a weird beast?

my aesthetic is youtube chill-hop stream visual loops of anime people doing homework or watching rain

why hodl when you can slel

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How it feels like talking about Mastodon on Reddit