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Looks like the last time my News system received anything from the outside was July 2013... Ok then, let's see how much of this cnews setup still works five years later...

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Ludicrous clam that normal folk swallow up to six tundra shrimp during a night actually just statistical snafu. Shrimps Giorgi, whom sit on a mountain and catch up to forty thousand tundra shrimp a day, is unusual adn should not count towards stats.

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Other than limited BRAM, the iCE40HX4K could fit quite a few 6502 CPUs in there running at 36 MHz.

Status: still changing diapers and obsessing over exapunks

I have gotten three new Chinese scamspam calls *today*. I remember when we had a FTC and FCC.

I am still blown away that you can do hacker battles with your friends in exapunks. CoreWars lives!

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Tonight is handcraft polka night on DJ Stashu's WFMU show! Stashu will play polkas I did (and polkas not just I did):
8pm NYC on!


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More nebulas in word vector space. They turn out to be Latin names of birds (upper), mollusks (lower right) and other invertebrates (lower left). Gauzy satellite blobs are dinosaurs and taxonomists.

Just upgraded to kicad 5 and am blown away by the improvements in library management! Massive props to all involved.

Are there any parenting-oriented mastodon instances out there? Seems like a gap if there's not...

It's like "The Real Ghostbusters" of Yellow Pages

Tiny brain: Bing
Big brain: Google
Galaxy brain: DuckDuckGo
Me, an intellectual:

We've been making a conscious effort to free up Thursday nights so I can get out of the house at least once every other week, but tonight I think I might see if I can just disassemble this 9-column burroughs electric adding machine a relative just gave me instead.

Who could forget [checks notes] Ferrante & Teicher?