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I am sure to do only good things with this new capability

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That mad, ceaseless howling you hear in the distance? It's not the keening of lost souls; it's just the universe's natural reaction to the fact that I just got example code running on the Oculus Quest

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#Twitter to #Mastodon #crossposting is really annoying, if you do it and don’t care about interacting with people on the #fediverse please stop

Second state, with a bit more texture. Thanks to @zpojqwfejwfhiunz for encouraging me to try dirtier prints.

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Two sites on toroidal polyhedra: Bonnie Stewarts Hohlkörper ( and Alex Doskey's virtual reality models of Stewart's polyhedra(

Found while researching a new WP article on Stewart's book _Adventures Among the Toroids_ ( The first link is in German but readable through Google translate and has lots of pretty pictures. The second needs VR software to be usable.

Ugh, here's why I've been avoiding rescanning these. Cleanup just takes forever. First two done, but it's going to be about 5-10 minutes per card. That's a lot of time for me. :(

If nothing else, this is an fascinating time capsule of what I considered "bad news" as a 23-year-old. A lot of it still resonates, but there's a fair amount that just seems silly now.

It's going to be a pain to neaten these up; they were drawn on hand-cut bits of scrap and no two are really the same size or shape. It's still fun to dig these up after all this time, though.

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I just realized that Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast, my go-to sleepytime audio stream, has been broadcasting online for over 20 years. It's older than wikipedia, ffs.

found those old silver-on-black tarot cards and gave them a scan, but too tired to clean them up and post them tonight. tomorrow.

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the under presents 

I've spent enough time in The Under Presents that I know... a bunch, but not a lot. So I end up having these crazy experiences where I'm in one moment helping guide a newer player through unfamiliar territory, and having them turn to me as if I have any idea what's going on (ha), and then suddenly I'm being ushered along by a gaggle of wizards having the same type of interaction with me. It's nutty fun.

(not to diminish fun barista art! It's just not what I was going for.)

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I was all set for this to be sort of tonally interesting, but it ended up looking like something a barista would draw on a coffeeshop's chalkboard around Halloween.

I am obsessed with The Under Presents. Among other things, it provides me with the sort of wordless, anonymous but rich interaction that made Sleep No More so fun. I want to talk about it, but I'll be CWing my notes. If you have the capability, you should jump right in.


You know who doesn't have covid? Daft Punk. Also: Deadmaus. Wear your LED helmet at all times.

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