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"Plants produce organic matter through photosynthesis, but only part of this matter is used for plant growth. The rest is excreted into the soil through the plant’s roots.

In the soil, bacteria around the roots break down this organic matter, releasing electrons as a waste product.

The technology developed by Plant-e harvests these electrons to power small electrical devices."

#lowpower #renewable #plantpower

Nothing makes me feel like Competent Dad like making pancakes for the toddlers with nothing going wrong

The Life Changing Magic Of Getting Enough Sleep

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I've posted it before but this is as good a time as any to repost this handy diagram which helps you remember which is the anode and which is the cathode (originally by Raphael Abrams)

Not being completely responsible for the safety and development of multiple helpless, high maintenance creatures at all times is a privilege I didn't really appreciate when I had it

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writing a blog became easier when I stopped worrying about creating a perfect substrate.

I notice others fall into this trap, too. Trying to design a flexible system and burning out without ever adding any content.

Write first.

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Going through my mechanicals collection, I came across these designs by a Russian maker. It's a "hand extension" using those rings to manipulate the bigger metal fingers

It might be an interesting starting point for an articulated robotic hand

#HardwareHacking #Robotics

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This film just sounds like it has big jodorowsky's dune energy already

I just found out that Colin Stetson did the soundtrack for the forthcoming Color out of Space and I am so here for this

A moment later the beam of sunlight moved on and the moment was over

Ok that was so cool

How many opportunities do you get to cheer for a rocket blowing up in real time

Just a heads up dragon launch abort test in like three minutes

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If you are anywhere near the Metropolitan Museum of Art and have even the slightest interest in mechanism or machining, haul ass to see this show:

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