I love that metafilter has a wide enough user base that a post about the transition to rotary dial phones has a bunch of personal reminisces in the comments

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Behold, Fogleworms. Inevitable crafty outcome of me obsessing about a math problem involving arranging "worms" the last few days, see big birb site thread:


My 4yo keeps asking what to do with a drunken sailor and I don't have a good answer for him

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FMU has been pouring this in my earholes for the past five minutes and I just want to loop it for a month

*slowly rewrites std::cmp::PartialOrd impl for edge struct for third time*

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it's pretty hard to disambiguate between "i am worn out after 13 straight hours of childcare and housework" and "i am bad at program"

I think I'd like to hear a tea shanty instead

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vtuber who restores virtual classic computers that never existed

gendering robots 

Toy manufacturers: just no

Do you remember when everyone would go out on their doorsteps and cheer at 7? Because my four year old does, and it's getting more awkward every night

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