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tfw you realize you've specified your own font format and implemented your own font viewer and you're no closer to accomplishing the thing you set out to do than when you started

mental calculation: will i have time to shit before the child starts to whine

I have officially spent too much time fucking around with obscure greek lowercase on this project

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Attention font nerds! What is this glyph? It appears twice in the Hershey font and I can't find a unicode equivalent!

am i remapping the hershey fonts manually? it looks like i am remapping the hershey fonts manually.

i am remapping the hershey fonts manually.


oh, goodie. the hershey font breakdown that everyone uses is missing glyphs available in the full set. why did i go down this rabbit hole

embedding unicode in python code in vim is not the prettiest.

who has two thumbs and just wrote Yet Another Hershey Font Processor

now to figure out how to map these suckers to unicode

reinventing art as spam

Get ready for the bland new sound of my normcore band, Airplane Grapes

our sonic landscape like our namesake, firm and flavorless is patching this is not a drill

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Want to underline/mark the last instance of a pattern on each line using ed(1)?

-s/./ /g\

puts a sequence of "^"s under the last match on each line.

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Refractions II
oil on canvas, 36"x36"

Keeping on with a theme. Some stuff proceeded with more confidence for this one, some stuff didn't work out the way I thought it might.

Big surprise for me is how geometrically unstable it feels; it's very very easy to essentially invert the implied geometry to see this as point out toward the viewer instead of receding, but that's incompatible with the perspective and so it won't really settle down at all.

my supervillain name is Manifestro