Wondering if Core War would be more interesting if writes were still single-cycle, but jumps were expensive.

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The core war IRC channel has moved over to libera.chat, marking the last thing of value leaving freenode

At my local greasy spoon diner which now feels unaccountably fancy due to outdoor dining; I hope we just ditch parking for this forever

Smashed a bug today that was genuinely difficult. Been a while.

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Additionally I just noticed that whoever labelled this AP used a 9-track tape label. Notice how it's curved? It's meant to go on a tape reel that looks kinda like this.

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My posts on the fanfare TNG threads are veering dangerously close to microfiction territory

Got frustrated with the old prussdrv not clearing interrupts properly, so switched to a more recent version bundled with the beaglebone. Turns out it still supports the AM1808 PRUSSv1 stuff almost out of the box!

Just realized that The Blair Witch Project could only have been shot during that short window between affordable battery powered handheld video cameras becoming available and high powered LED flashlights and cheap GPS becoming ubiquitous. This reminds me a bit of how you can figure out when a globe was produced based on the names and borders of a subset of countries

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This is great advice! I am very grateful to my family and those that were around me when I was younger, as nearly always, they encouraged me to try things early on. Sometimes the failures were spectacular but they grinned and moved on. It helps me to this day, and it is a great way to “pay it forward” in life.


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It's saturday night and the mods are asleep, time to post photos of classic supercomputer boards.

Just did a bit of research and this is the last remaining Chock Full O' Nuts (of this iteration) left in New York City.

If you don't know the history of Chock Full O' Nuts, it's wild. Jackie Robinson makes an appearance!

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Holy shit, an actual Chock Full 'O Nuts! It's like finding a Coelacanth

I thought my problem was the cycle counter in the PRU not resetting correctly. BUT NO! The problem was instead that prussdrv_pru_write_memory function takes its length parameter as *bytes* and its offset parameter as *words* (in this case, 4B words).

Can't believe they deprecated the prussdrv codebase

I have been using C for over thirty years, and I have never once called calloc().

it's only malloc if it's from the dynamic region of libc; otherwise it's just sparkling allocation

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Here is a link to a utility relief fund for striking workers at Frito Lay in Topeka, Kansas


"On or by July 27, 2021, contributions will be awarded to each member as a payment to their City of Topeka water utility bill. If no bill exists, gift will be given directly to the Union Member for use at their discretion."

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The sun is a deep apocalyptic red tonight, shrouded by smoke from fires a continent away.

2021 is the year of The Self-Hosted Self

also discovered that the reason the syntax for bit negation wasn't working is because it doesn't have a bit negation operator, or any unary operators really, fun times

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