Welcome to the 24/7 Rapidograph noodling channel, doot doo doo

I missed this pen so much. I don't even care what I'm doodling with it

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MNT Research will pay EUR 500 to the first person correctly fixing this bug: gitlab.freedesktop.org/mesa/me

I know it goes against everyone's "yay unions" instincts but if anything's going to change we need to dismantle the police unions.

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MAN: doctor, i'm so depressed

DOCTOR: do not worry, i have just the thing. Great performer DEFUND THE POLICE AND PUT AN END TO SYSTEMIC RACIST POLICE VIOLENCE is in town, go ABOLISH CORRUPT MILITARIZED POLICING, you'll feel much better


If you're into MDT-9100s, good news! A bunch just popped up on ebay. The 9100-T is a 386-based windows box. The 9100-10 was an earlier and apparently weirder machine, but has a nearly identical form factor.
The 10's: ebay.com/itm/Motorola-MDT-9100
The T: ebay.com/itm/Motorola-MDT-9100

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is there anyone on the east coast who has some sort of cargo van or such and who could and would be willing to transport what is effectively a 3'x3'x2' metal cube and a box of assorted computer parts from richmond, virginia to nashville, tennessee for money

My Mastodon circles are small and non-performative enough (no one's trying to reach a larger audience) that I'm not seeing much about *gesticulates wildly at general situation*, but I'm now wondering where black mastodon is, or if there even is a black mastodon (and if not, why).

I just bought a pen I haven't used in two decades: a 00 Koh-i-noor Rapidograph technical pen. This was my weapon of choice throughout my teen and young adult years, until I gave it up as being too outdated, too delicate, too finicky, too expensive. I'd figured that modern manufacturing techniques had made it essentially obsolete.

They haven't. I started grinning the second the ink started flowing. There's nothing like it.

the only reason i check twitter nowadays is to watch folks in mike duncan's threads argue about which revolution we're currently emulating

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Today's hyper-specific basement treasure: some design notes for the x-axis of the Cupcake CNC, circa 2009.

Someone stripped down a bike in front of our house. Basically all that's left are the frame and wheels. What do we do with this? Are these parts just not valuable to anyone?

What happens when you pour an entire bottle of superglue down the drain? Good morning, and welcome to Toddler Science Saturday. I'm Ira Flatow, and I don't think I drank any, but I can't remember and won't say for sure

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