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potty training 

I just described making a poop as "the closest to a pure act of creation as a male can get" but no amount of high minded rhetoric is going to convince this 4yo to shit in a bowl

Today at the 50th St F station we saw a public pay phone in use

I'm really appreciating how, post-COVID, wealthy neighborhoods in New York just empty out the second the school year ends. The parks and playgrounds are a delight, and I don't have to worry about the prep school bullies bugging my kids.

Considering using the inochi2d beta to make an animated potato for vtubing

every one in a while i forget that not everybody is obsessively following david blair's increasingly telepathic output, so here:

Huh. Seems like both the NKD-backed state committee candidates in my district are winning. Tiny fluctuations, but maybe the needle is moving.

(for those concerned: thanks, he's doing much better now!)

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Had to walk past two open poling places, including the one a block away from my home, cross the highway, and navigate a bunch of unmarked gates in a schoolyard to get to my polling place, but please tell me more about how the party wants to count every vote.

The Most Piteous Statement of the Day goes to my half-delirious 5yo, with a 101° fever, on the verge of tears moaning "dad, i wish healing potions were real"

Brooklynites! Remember to vote in the primaries today. If you're of a progressive bent, here are the Working Families Party and New Kings Democrats voting guides:

I can't emphasize this enough: READ THE NKD VOTER GUIDE AND VOTE FOR DISTRICT LEADERS WHO ARE NOT PARTY LEADERSHIP ANNOINTEES. We can't continue to have a party machine in the 21st century.

Reboost, etc.

Added 1/2/4/8bpp rendering to the rom explorer so I don't have to squint at weird stretched images. The display is being sent 4bpp data, but appears to be B&W. Wonder what will happen when I inject grayscale.

My preferred date format is DD-MM-YYYY, where D is the day, M is the minute, and Y specifies the ISO standard in use

I did not have room in my luggage to take this home for the kids

Stealing all my nazgul jokes from DaShireZone

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made a post on a local queer internet forum attempting to incite a riot over roe v Wade and now undercover cops posing as drug dealers are messaging me


Extremely not here for blaming anyone other than those clearly responsible today. If your first reaction is to grind your axe about people who wanted to stop this, take a minute and get a grip

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