A man, a plan, a spiritual advisor: keano

My two year old is bored with Random Access Memories and is now really into Discovery and is dipping his toes into Homework. Good ear, kid

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What do we want?
When do we want it?

i just realized that the weird double-hump shape at the bottom of the Levi's jeans logo is a human ass and now i can not unsee this

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Paul Blart, Mall Cop is immortal and his first documented incarnation is from around 1602: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blurt,_M

It's decorative bloom season, motherfuckers

Shout out to the 50 something dude sitting on his stoop on Clinton street downing a Coors Light with Come On Eileen blasting on his NY Jets branded Bluetooth speaker

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I just said "databank" out loud. What is this, 1987?

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Sometimes scanned FOIA documents look like sci-fi movie title screens.

toddler: "I DROPPED E"
me: "you did wha-- oh. the letter."

Helter Skeletor

(this is more on brand for @joshmillard but i can't get it out of my head)

Every time a Google product fails I think to myself, "this is a company that thought they should let engineers be managers"

How can kids go from "screaming with blood pouring out their mouth" to "let's do this puzzle now" in like ten seconds

No let's do that puzzle later once we've wiped up all the blood ok

Toddlers talking to babies are functionally indistinguishable from a Meredith Monk workshop

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Tonight on "Kondo My Condo": watch M. Kondo go totally shit crazy on this ding dong's star wars dioramas

Becoming a big fan of the snack punk aesthetic

The toddler is running a toy train off the edge of a table again and again while calmly repeating "I was so mad" and I'm shook

Mirrors of Beto's CDC writings:

textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- A Feature on MONEY - Today's Monster
textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- A Few Good Songs off of Eat Your Paisley
textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- The Song of the Cow: a poem textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- Interview With Neo-Nazi 'Ausderau'
textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- Visions From The Last Crusade
textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- The True Story of Cult of the Dead Cow
textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 -- Ultra Trendies
textfiles.com/groups/CDC/cDc-0 Day With The Dentist

"If you're interested in the idea of a money-free society, and would
like to participate in active conversations on the subject, call:
The New Society / 915-532-3226 / New User Pass:JELLO"


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