Alright, I have to go on the record now: Audience permissions are stupid on Mastodon. Well, alternatively, call me stupid, that's fine too. I just think they should "default" to the last permission you used on that thread, until you change the permissions/visibility again. The way it is, I constantly write posts that only 3 people see when I intended for them to be "as visible" as the last reply.

Alright, got my Maryland ballot for the 2020 presidential election printed. Now let's fill that sucker out and send it on its long journey. (Will it count? I don't even know. But here's to hoping!)

I'll have to find myself a "musical mastodon" instance for posts like this one.

"COBOL programs are an exercise in Artificial Inelegance." is what /usr/games/fortune just told me. Seems about right?

Since I keep directing people from FB to this profile: Yes, it's really me, this is my new home away from home away from home. Sign up for any Mastodon instance and then follow me. If I know you personally, I'll certainly follow you back. If I don't know you, well, I'll check out your profile and we'll see.

I guess one should try to make a course out of this. Or at least a lecture or two?

The TLS / ACME support in is really quite good. It literally takes one line to import the module and one line to start the https server. Submission system rewrite? Here I come! :-)

Well, this certainly looks a lot more sophisticated than Diaspora ever did. Feels more performant, too. Alas I'll never understand why people write software in Ruby of all things... :-/ But yay, let's see if this stays around! :-) I hope it will...


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