@phetre ... the joke being that Asians are absurdly underrepresented onscreen

How am I 74 years old and only now realizing that Señor Chang is Cho Chang's father!

Favorite things about fall

1. Halloween names
2. Cats get cuddlier
3. Warm spices
4. Leaves

999999999999. Grading

@mrgah Not bad, thanks. I get no spring break this year (two institutions w/ no overlap in break times), which isn't great... but it's a manageable schedule, and still fun to be in the classroom.

@mrgah Oh my goodness, have you played Off-Peak or The Norwood Suite? I did the former last night and cannot stop thinking about it, especially the soundtrack! Really one of the best free/short games I've ever played… and I'VE PLAYED A FEW.

@MightyBigCar @phetre

in other news, Buck suggests that the IE root meaning 'bear' may originally mean 'destroyer of beehives,' which is rad af

@mrgah On the animal-deer nexus, I've been learning Norwegian this last year, and the word for animal is "dyr." Does it seem plausible that dyr and deer could be cognate and there's been some semantic narrowing/widening over time? If so, funny parallel!

interested in cultural interaction in the middle ages? curious about medieval medicine? puzzled by the vagaries of medical terminology?

then Constantine the African, the (hugely influential) eleventh-century translator of medical works from Arabic into Latin, may be of interest to you

my colleague Monica Green and I are launching a blog about Constantine today (the date of his death), at constantinusafricanus.com

#history #medicine #translation

@mrgah Home with L and her parents! Very excited for that. And you?

As for games... always too many. I literally made a list a couple weeks ago of a couple dozen games I owned (but hadn't tried) that were supposed to be 1) great and 2) not difficult, and invited people over for a "tasting party. " We tried Oxenfree and Edith Finch, both of which were awesome. Game writing has gotten so good!

I think I want very young girls to pick up a controller and Dreams and know immediately they are a game designer: it took me 30 years and I want them to just KNOW

Hi all you in the #fediverse
I'm actually not @trustroots but @paulfree14

I just love the idea of #trustroots

It's a +28.000 members large traveler community sharing free accommodation and connecting nice people via an #opensource nonprofit plattform

I really want them to join us here

They have different "tribes"

Some are:

I made a bet to motivate them

"The first toot will get more interactions/boosts then your fb grab"

I asked them to leave fb/t and join us. But they were like no one is using #mastodon

Can you help to proof them wrong?
We could get a fediverse tribe, if we do 😜

The emotional rollercoaster of listening to unfamiliar Christmas music:
"Ah! A reprieve from the tired, usual stuff!"
[5 seconds later] "How is this actually MORE annoying?"

Brought to you by youtube.com/watch?v=z_lN2l4Hij


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