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I'm Carl.
I play on Xbox with the Fr0zen Clan (Let it go!) I play because it gets me out of the house and walking is a perfect time to enjoy audiobooks & podcasts.
I love movies. And Letterboxd.
I take pictures. They live in Google Photos and I never do anything with them. But I aspire to.
I work as a Federal Government contractor in the DC area and have lots of thoughts about it. I wrangle and .
I care about customers and and fight for them.

Chronolog – Taking pictures for nature
Recently on a walk at a new local park, I came across a placard and place for my phone with instructions to take a picture of the area and email it. The system is from a startup called Chronolog. I had never seen anything like this on my walks through other local parks. Apparently, they're using it to target specific areas for a variety of issues.

I like being able to

My fingers know my password
What I realized is that — probably for many years — I didn’t actually know my password. I couldn’t have told you what it is. I just relied on my fingers to know it. And since it always worked, I never thought to question it.

— Brent Simmons

I've had this exact problem. I never knew what was my password once the last time I changed it for a computer. I knew the pattern m

Two Titans and a Hunter – My Podcast
I have been playing Destiny since September 13, 2014 and poured 1518 hours into it. I have played Destiny 2 since September 6, 2017 and have poured 1063 hours into it so far. I say so far because I continue to play it almost daily. From a 15 minute dip into the pool to an almost 14 hour gaming session where 5 hours 55 minutes of that was our

Pretty sure if there was a or masto server I would join it. That's about all I talk about here.

Titan acquired Last Word.
Hardest part was timing the quick draw in the final quest.

Played loads of Mayhem and flung Nova Bombs. I would play Mayhem all week. 20 hours a day.

Working through The Last word quest.
On the steps to get hive larva then Crucible medals.

I farmed the Cargo Bay 3 lost sector so I could also wait for the witches public event. It didn't take too long to rush in in the Ogre and kill it 15 times.

Anyone in the DC area looking for WebEx / Video Teleconference / Streaming Video work?

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I've had a Dreamhost account since 2002. I pay $9.95/month for unlimited everything on a plan they'e not offered in years.

I host my own blog and a few personal projects. Nothing business-related and nothing that's mission critical.

I feel like I could pay less for just as much (if not more).

I don't need dedicated hosting as I have an ubuntu "server" running at home.

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What is your favorite shared hosting provider?

Looking to tinker.

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Twitter screenshot, elections 

At the risk of seeming glib: you don't actually have to expose yourself to election news. I just no longer actively engage in social networks where talking about this stuff is "important". You don't even have to leave Twitter, just disable all RTs in your timeline and set up some robust keyword filters. People who do not literally work in politics don't need to stay on top of this stuff, at this point it's just needless anxiety production.

Finished all Iron Banner bounties on my Hunter.
Went from 583 to 625.
Next up, 618 Warlock.
Then 650 Titan.

Trying to get the Triumph for completing all IB bounties in a single event.

@jackbaty I've been following your enjoyment of TiddlyWiki and want to set one up too. Didn't I see you write up the process you used to get yours running somewhere?

You may have seen the perfect 10 gymnastic floor performance today by Katelyn Ohashi. Here's a little more about her and how she recovered from a sport that left her broken.

When she finally made the decision to retire from elite gymnastics with the hopes of becoming a college athlete, she had been competing with a fractured back and two torn shoulders.UCLA's Katelyn Ohashi wows with flawless floor routine, earn

Really thinking it's time to start a new folder of blogs I want to read and open them all instead of RSS/Twitter/Mastodon.

Open the folder, see if there's anything new, read what's new. Close if not.

Enjoy personal blogs again.

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