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I met a new member of staff at work today.

She's in her early Twenties and is registered as legally blind. She is completely blind in one eye, and has something like 10% sight in the other. She has a guide dog which sometimes stays at work with her (in the staff room) and uses a cane - but not at work.

Considering all of the above, she manages to make her way around the store, read product labels - sometimes with the use of a magnifying glass, use the till, and demonstrate the products (body lotions etc.) to the customers.

She has just finished a Masters Degree in Children's Literature, writes articles for various websites, and has a very active YouTube channel.

To say that I was inspired by her would be an understatement.


I am a week away from being part of the wedding disaster of the decade.

Blade Runner 2049 is a much better movie when you start from the beginning instead of an hour into it.

Our local theatre is bad about updating the signs showing which movie is where. So I walked into Blade Runner 2049 about 10 minutes late...

Or so I thought.

Apparently the 5pm show I thought I was in, was actually the 3:40 pm show.

So now I'm going to watch the first half of Blade Runner.

It is important to escape.

Pizza Hut is struggling with the letter A.
I have never laughed this hard trying to order pizza.

Part of my mortgage should go towards alcohol, pain killers and massages.


Today started with 'lets see how well these stones are in the concrete."

My father-in-law is currently acting as a financial cautionary tale.

Swapped the way refrigerator opens and mounted a TV today. Feeling like I'm slowly leveling up my homeowner character.

There is no exhaustion like moving house exhaustion.
Boxes everywhere.
Little projects taking four times as long due to previous owner's curious choices.
And there is all is again the next day.
Reinforcements coming today.

I need to live here more. It's a small family but I like it here.

Just dropped in to say Hello to you all. Be happy you're not packing your house.

*waves* And with that, time to fill another box.

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It's "How Can I Help?" Day today here at my place! Who has a #creativecommons art/music project, or #floss software project who could use a boost, a donation, a bravo, a review, or other assistance in my power? Who needs a pretty photograph from my collection? Who just needs a kind word? HOLLA

Closing on the house Tuesday.
*Crossing all my fingers and knocking all the wood.*
It's going to happen.


Unfold box.
Tape box bottom.
Fill box.
Tape box top.
Move box.
Unfold box.
Tape box bottom.
Fill box.
Tape box top.
Move box.
Unfold box.
Tape box bottom.
Fill box.
Tape box top.
Move box.

Kubo and the Two Strings.
Dark movie.
Wonderful style.
Really enjoyed it.

"Maggie Rogers - Alaska - Song Exploder"

Great episode of an amazing song my wife introduced me to.