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Malcolm Gin ☵ @perigee

I'm tempted to write a book of "magical" recipes of social justice situations/discussions that you can start in order to summon certain types of self-righteous white/privileged people. But I feel like it would fly over the heads of the folks who most need to be impacted by the satire.

@Vega or highlights. No pressure intended. But to me it's an expanding list of names. I'm not up on the news/details and life is intervening for at least another month.

Nice!!! The updated Mastodon iPhone app "Amaroq" can now translate any Mastodon post on the fly! (Pushes the post to google translate.) - Other great updates as well!

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@Vega of these I only use Tails. But what features/philosophies grab your attention here?

Currently in discussion with many social justice activists of my acquaintance on FB where we are framing racism and other prejudices as, simply, abuse. Framing prejudice as abuse and the privileged and defenders of the unjust as abusers seems to be making a lot of headway in forging understanding with yet another cohort of the endless flow of privileged folks.

Finishing up an epic day of shopping. Costco, then BevMo!, then IKEA with a visit to the local Cambodian place (in Emeryville Public Market) for to go, which we will take home to enjoy and then not leave the house until (possibly) tomorrow.

DigitalOcean and Linode are great, but far from cheap. The minimal ELK instance for example requires 4GB RAM, that's 20$ and 40$/month for those two.
That's also what I'm spending on Octodon's 5 servers now (and they have 4GB RAM each). @me @PLA

@howfar weirdly I got really into polishing all (and missed some) of the nicks in this friend's knife. My partner is thrilled anyhow saying our friend will be terrified. But it was a weird energy day. Anyhow that knife is razor except the belly which is just very sharp.

Setting up to sharpen a friend's slicing knife, I'm soaking two Japanese stones, and setting up the bar mat to catch all the water I'm about to throw around. Should I tighten up some of our duller knives? By duller I mean not razor. Not dull by normal people's standards. :)

... We have floors in our living room and dining room especially that we got a hot water upright cleaner to clean, but we'd also like to refresh the original polish, if this is possible and not too scammy. Any thoughts?

Does anyone with hardwood floors have experience using hardwood floor reconditioning products? It looks like an industry/market segment rife with exploitative pricing and unrealistic reviews. I found an article about the Rejuvenate brand that seems happy with it, but the article also features an Amazon affiliate link, so I'm not sure about it, even though it seems like a side-business. An aspect of the product that speaks negatively about it for me is "As Seen on TV". ...

I forgot to check out possibly registering at (today, 11 AM my time). But TBH, my connection to witching is kind of low. But my connection to the actual purpose of the community is pretty strong. Oh well. Maybe another day.

@Marzanna Sometimes I reply to correct. But mostly I assume readers can read typo.

As a deep housecleaning aside, it's amazing how the glare from real sunlight (which follows cleaning the front windows and taking our white curtains out of the front window in prep to replace with sheers) highlights my need to clean my laptop's screen. It really is true that once you start cleaning something it makes everything else look dingy, so of course you have to clean everything else.

Just received and assembled the Hoover MAX Extract All-Terrain "steam" cleaner (actually a hot water cleaner) for both our hardwood and carpets (in prep for the deep clean in prep for Dad's memorial open house). I can totally see how it leaks for many/most users. Putting the cleaning solution tank into the rig is completely friction fit and not very foolproof. Have yet to actually supply it with water and try it, but I'm game. It doesn't look that hard.

@cwylo I used to love oatmeal cooked with butter, salt, and light miso. I also liked oatmeal cooked plain, with ground lamb and its juices cooked separately and mixed in, usually with sriracha and/or shark sauce (another sriracha like sauce - with sharks on the labels).

My conventional normal Chrome just updated itself to 58.0.3029.81 (I had to go to the About page, let it update, and restart). 58.0.3029.81 appears not to be vulnerable to the issue.