~A boostable feast~


bigshoulders.city is a :chance: Chicago-focused Mastodon instance with a friendly local timeline and simple rules.

DM me for an invite if you're a current, former, or future Chicagoan (suburbs included :ctapurple: :ctayellow:).

I'm shouldering all costs right now, so if you like what we're doing, you can also buy me a coffee :darkmatter: at ko-fi.com/dowson.

Thanks! We :pizzaheart: you.

I just finished a project and have an hour before my next one starts. Time to catch up on Sunday's episode of !

I want to meet the robot who writes important safety information language for prescription drugs. It's such weird, unnatural language.

It’s time: I’m a freelance editor who lives in Chicago. I prefer bicycles, my feet, and public transit over cars. Most of my dreams include something about food. I am a cancer survivor. I live with my boyfriend and a sweet, silly, and super cute lab/Rottweiler mix. I couldn’t imagine life without music.


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