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Damian Cugley @pdc@octodon.social

I prefer not to use country flags to indicate language anyway because there's not a 1–1 correlation.

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Scored a carol service in Christchurch College Cathedral as the +2 of one of the readers. Oxford being Oxford, plenty of crazy carols mixing latin with premodern English.

Had our early Xmas with my siblings and nephew today

Going to need a bigger spurtle …

Did you know? Toddlers on balance bikes are super adorable!

Wrapping Xmas presents. This year I am experimenting with using different wrapping paper according to which gathering I expect to meet the recipient at.

In hoop class we've been doing a routine to ‘Let it go’. Yesterday Natalie had found a metal cover of it to use in class. This morning feeling very thoroughly exercised

I need to stop dicking about on my phone so I can charge it but now I need another phone to dick about on while I wait

... Solution:
Make certain that each piece of the environment - each building, open space, neighborhood, and work community - is made with a blend of both men's and women's instincts. Keep this balance of masculine and feminine in mind for every project at every scale, from the kitchen to the steel mill." Christopher Alexander, A Pattern Language

Did you know that the code for the MIT Lisp machine was published as Free Software in 2006? Now you do :)

Anime club unwilling to forgive Polar Bear’s Café for mostly being about a panda ☹️

Speaking of words to avoid:


Honestly though i think these are pretty good words to be careful using.

The week before Christmas is my time for frantic last-week present-shopping and general panic. But I also got to hang out with my freelancers chums at the Magic Café this afternoon which is nice.