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Here’s a quick note about how to write tests for Django models that need to queue Celery tasks when they are created.

how can moss be so verdant and lush? how is it so delightful? it forms a bed on rocks and forest floors for tiny woodland animals to rest on. why is moss so great

After a lot of creative searching I discover it is possible to set up a Mac to permit Oxford spelling (organize vs organise).

Here’s a survey about titles that should only take 3 minutes or so, for literally anyone who speaks English:

It’ll end at noon UK time on Sunday 13th January 2019 at the soonest.

Every survey response, RT and boost is really helpful! Thank you. :)

Location:Nara JAPAN🇯🇵
Hasedera temple, Nara prefecture. New Year, lots of lanterns line up.



There are only 14 possible calendar configurations. You can reuse your 2013 calendar in 2019.

Obviously my determination to concentrate more on writing non-technical articles this year did not survive to the end of the first of January.

Because of IPv6 I have wasted hours trying to get certified by Let’s Encrypt. Grr.

2018 was the year I concluded that any system whose purpose is to measure, capture, and monetize human attention is immoral and inevitably leads to the erosion of the commons and society itself. In 2019 I'm committed to helping dismantle these systems by all possible means.
Concretely this means supporting nonprofit alternatives like mastodon, blocking all ad tracking (sorry, people whose livelihoods have been captured by that industry), and doing whatever most damages the attention industry.

"Decentralization is biodiversity of the digital world" - Reasons why you should care about how your social network is run and structured

@Gargron I’d love to see a ‘more on this subject’ (or similar) at the bottom of the post, with links to other people’s writing on decentralization

Cross linking on blogs is a key part of a decentralized web, and it also gives readers who are curious a chance to read other perspectives and learn more about the topic, so it’s a double win

On the plus side, my partner's other partner's other partner (?metametamour) has posted that she had a nice time with my partner (her metamour), which is good to hear.

Writing tests of image-processing code is a pain at best, but now I discover that PNG files include tIME and dATE chunks that are of course different every time so I need to create a fancier same-PNG-data test.

Working on my Tumblr exit strategy I realized yesterday I don't need to S3: my combined Tumblr archives fit comfortably in to a corner of the spare disk i had not got around to mountingt on my node.

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