So an idea that has been floating around for some time is that you can verify that a link a person puts in their profile belongs to them, by checking if the linked site links back to the profile (with a special attribute that signifies intention), and that it can be used to, indirectly, verify that a profile is "real"

I wonder what the UX for that would look like. I doubt this can or even should be something displayed in-stream like the Twitter verified badge, because with custom emojis, the display name area is absolutely untrustworthy. More than that, the presence of a verified link is meaningless unless you trust the linked site (such as someone's official personal homepage)

So it would probably be something only displayed next to those links.


@gargron On the profile page you could split the list in to 2 lists of links—first a list of rel=me reciprocating links (so "also me") the second other profile links (so "related to me"). No special icons or emoji to spoof and possibly easier to understand?

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