Simon Willison’s approach to creating template repositories in GitHub, with a Cookiecutter step to set the name of the components in the source code automatically when someone uses the template.

Information about how you might want to tweak your website design for Safari 15 in a video from WWDC 2021 with Jen Simmons. There are new CSS features for exposing the "safe" viewport (where you know browser chrome will not occlude your page's text).

For those who want a work of art to do their daily typing on: the Keymacs A620N-88 is a recreation of the famous Symbolics Lisp keyboard, with Matias switches (or any ALPS-style you prefer), a choice of ANSI or Lisp layout, and a custom spherical key-cap set.

Django SQL Dashboard provides an authenticated interface for executing read-only SQL queries directly against your PostgreSQL database, allowing exploration and visualization of your data with minimal friction. Queries can be bookmarked and turned in to publish dashboards.

One of my bugbears is user databases that assume or impose first-name, surname fields, based on assumptions about how people's names are structured. This W3C note on personal names around the world outlines some of the ways names are understood around the world, and has suggestions for designing UIs accordingly.

Bloated CSS frameworks are a needless waste of bandwidth (possible exception for those still supporting IE11). Here are minimal snippets for modern CSS layouts and components, created by Stephanie Eckles of

Observable Plot is a free, open-source JavaScript library from Mike Bostock, creator of D3. Simple incantations in its fluent API form a DSL for creating visualizations of tabular data with the minimum of friction.

This was an eye-opener: a podcast episode on the vagus nerve, an anatomical feature of the body I was entirely ignorant of, that connects all sorts of parts of the body to the brain without diverting via the spinal column, and in which a lot of our consciousness of ourself is located.

Here's nifty idea for a party, though difficult enough to set up you have to call performance art to actually do it: everyone wears platform shoes on their normal shoes so they see eye-to-eye with their variously heighted friends.

Entertaining twitter thread on a bug (that wasn't a bug really) caused by changing keyboard-layout conventions and the accommodations made to support old keyboards on new computers.

Access-control lists are often set up to answer the obvious question "can X access Y to do Z?" but not other useful things like "What are all the Ys X can do Z to?" But this needs to be planned in from the start, or you will be sad later on.
(Twitter thread.)

A 15-minute explanation of one of the signature masterpieces of the Renaissance, Michelangelo’s David, part of a series on YouTube.

Sometimes asking politely for people to be nice discourages nice people from but does not affect assholes, so the effect is that you end up only interacting with assholes. You have accidentally created an ‘asshole filter’.

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