I gave a talk at #PyCon2019 about #mastodon, #activitypub, and how to use it with #python. And why you might want to! The video is up now: youtube.com/watch?v=3AQZfXG-ZX

What sci-fi aliens could be: shapes, structures and metabolic processes unseen on earth, non carbon-based, structures of intelligence and/or social structures completely foreign to any animal we know of

What sci-fi aliens are like: A human, but blue.

#EU citizens! Please remember that elections for the European Parliament are being held on:

🗳️ May 23 (NL, UK)
🗳️ May 24 (IE, CZ)
🗳️ May 25 (LV, MT, SK, CZ)
🗳️ May 26 (all other countries)

Make sure you can vote on that day please! Thank you 💙 🇪🇺 💙

someone make a fusion restaurant that combines all the flabreads and sauces.

Give me naan with Ethiopian wat!

This is what users do when you create an intuitive UI.

"Free world building idea: Wizards have the same trust in magic that software designers have in software, which is to say, almost none at all."

Thousands Gather at #MarbleArch to hear #GretaThunberg - #ExtinctionRebellion - April 21st

Greta Thunberg, 16, was greeted with chants of "we love you" as she took to the stage in front of thousands of people at the rally in Marble Arch.


On today’s page of O Human Star, confessions.
If you haven’t read OHS before - it is a very very good idea to read from the beginning.

Anybody think the PM would be tweeting this (alongside government propaganda about being the greenest government ever) if XR weren't creating a stink in London?

(Don't worry, it isn't going unchallenged 😀 )

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