Voxel Sphere Generator is useful if you are a MInecrafter who wants to make a spherical house and need a breakdown of the shape in to layers you can build. Has a few other similar shapes as well as spheres.


There are various reasons why one might want to rename the default branch of a Git repo from master to main; here’s a quick reminder to myself of how.


Modern web apps are a combination of JavaScript, CSS and other files that get bundled together with a bundler like Webpack or Rollup. Here’s an article on why you might prefer Rollup.


Summary and explainers of voting systems by the Electoral Reform Society (based in the UK), with an emphasis on how Single Transferable Vote is their preferred option.


RFC 7807 Problem Details for HTTP APIs—standardized, machine-readable JSON format for reporting errors from JSON-over-HTTP APIs.


Reasonable Colors is a set of CSS colours that make it easier to choose combinations with a contrast ratio satisfying WCAG 2.0

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Toshi Omagari, a Japanese type designer and gamer based in London, made his own Noordzij cube, with a twist. Gerrit Noordzij’s cube illustrates an idea of type design with repetitions of the letter ‘e’ varying along three design axes. Omagari’s twist is making it a 5×5×5 Rubik’s cube.

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Nestflix is n imaginary streaming service for the fictional movies and tv series that are mentioned in other, less-fictional movies and tv series


Shakespeare’s Restless World, a 2012 series by Neil MacGregor of the British Museum, exploring late Elizabethan and early Jacobean England through contemporary objects. The fifteen radio episodes are accompanied by galleries of the objects discussed.


Stories We’ve Seen Too Often, a list of story themes published years back by Strange Horizons. ‘This is a snapshot list of types of stories that the editor team […] was seeing too often at one point in time; it's not intended to be a complete list of all types of bad stories, nor are all the items on the list necessarily bad.’ Makes for interesting reading nevertheless.

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Very tempted by this keycap set with the MT3 old-fashioned profile and oblique legends reminiscent of old-fashioned Macintosh keyboards.


Article about the real-life person who was the Jane Roe in the famous American supreme-court court case Roe v. Wade. There was a lot more to her story than I was aware.

Her Name Was Norma by Yasmin Nair

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Wordle 208 6/6 

Wordle 208 6/6



Portfolio Day is a quarterly hashtag on Twitter for artists to introduce themselves to potential clients. I wonder if could be extended to artists tooting to Mastodon & the Fediverse


Part 4 of a series on the relatively recent change to the voting system in New Zealand to MMP (multiple-member proportional), covering the status of MMP today and how it might change in future.


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