I have added a propfile page to my link blog, just so I can link to it from my Octodon profile page.


Most of my desktops are photos I took myself, so the older ones are fairly low resolution by modern standards

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Borrowing a 27" monitor from the office while I wfh and I discover I need to remaster my desktop wallpapers

Flexibility and infinite configurability is not a good thing in and of itself. The documentation for Fabric cannot straightforwardly state how to get things done, but instead bounces around like a puppy saying you could do it this way or you could do it the other way or you could do it like this. This is a problem, not a solution.

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I am sad because Fabric (used to deploy my hobby web sites) doesn't support Python 3 and now I am trying to port to Fabric 2 and am getting tangled up in the variously broken identically named commands

I really wish pinterest would stop clogging google image search.

the voice of criticism in my head is a terrible listener

When you turn on a tv in #animalcrossing you can see that the adults all have normal adult proportions whereas the villagers have proportions more similar to the child. When you consider all the villagers are making a life for themselves on deserted islands, spending their time catching bugs and singing in the plaza, it becomes apparent that the AC world is actually a dreamy idealized version of Lord of the Flies

TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The “kei” trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed


Hoping to base my working from home plan on VNC and discovering I need to relearn all the xtartx, Xresources Xsession madness I forgot about 20 years ago

I’ve been using the hand sanitizer in the office kitchen each time I make myself tea and my hands have never been so moisturized

@Aleums one of my fav things about neural nets working with cat pictures is that so much of the source imagery it learns from has IMPACT TEXT on it. so it learns that cats look like that, that it's a part of a cat.

I built a Zlant, an eccentric staggered 40% mechanical keyboard. Wrote about it on my blog!


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