If you have Facebook "like" buttons embedded on your website, it could make you liable for breaking GDPR privacy laws, even if it's Facebook doing the illegal stuff:


You can protect your site from legal liability (and protect your users' privacy) by removing all Facebook like buttons.

Please tell your employers/organisations about this ruling, it may help convince them that Facebook is toxic (or at least that embedded like buttons are toxic).

#Facebook #DeleteFacebook

"Excuse me," the man - a foreigner, by his strange accent and clothes - said, "are you William Shakespeare?"
Will rolled his eyes. Fame was nice, but right now he just wanted to have a few drinks with his friends. "No, I'm the Earl of fucking Oxford."
The man disappeared.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

So lemme get this straight: Wacom's tablets come with a pen, and the pen has an eraser so you can flip it over like a pencil to switch to the eraser tool,

while Apple Pencil does not have an eraser, and u gotta do some other gesture to switch to eraser????

There's a peculiar type of fomo where I am in a group of people having an entertaining conversation but I can't hear what my friends are saying over the background music

Mowing a lawn thus full of wildflowers seem like sacrilege

In my greed I chose a coffee mug too big for my stroopwafel

My wife put a load of eggs in an incubator a few weeks ago and they hatched yesterday! This is them underneath the electric hen, they're going to be with some broody hens later on

now that FF7 is getting a remake I can't joke about how these are the only accurate FF7 cosplays

Today's surprise at hoop class was that one of the hoops was a cube! Learned some new things. 😃

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