when u smile it's like ur flashing a little bit of your skeleton. just that one part of it. you can't show any other parts of your skeleton to people in public.

Some people, who are not artists, look at today's art in museums and go "wow that's dumb" particularly to the more weird/abstract/minimalist stuff, because they don't understand all the context and meaning behind the pieces.

However I, with family active in the high art scene, look at how the pieces exist inside an insular cesspool of nepotism and rich people navel-gazing, who look down on equally poignant art in "low brow" comics, animation, unknown internet artists, and I go "wow that's dumb"

Also, even if you value art for monetary reasons, we actually made more money selling cheap queer porn zines at a porn zine art show than when selling typical paintings/sculptures. Turns out 100 poor people buying $10 comics is just as, if not more likely to happen than ONE rich white dude buying a $1000 painting. 🤷‍♂️

If you don’t have the budget to add CGI creatures to every character in frame why would you start filming a show where CGI creatures of every character play a central role

xmas is just around the corner (messed up, i agree!!) maybe you need a gift? well you can get these designs and many more on tees, hoodies, badges, stickers and a bunch of other things right here: timecowboy.threadless.com

I'm attracted to the idea of being a micro-patron of the arts. But Medium insists on tracking me via either my Google or my Facebook account, which makes me hesitate.

One more pic of stuff I saw on my road trip but couldn't stop to take a photo.

I tried looking up the approximate area i was in, I think it's at the truckee river outside of reno


Opened the curtains and discovered I've been wasting my morning eating breakfast instead of photographing the frost

i heard there was a secret plum
i really meant to save you some
but you don't really care for breakfast, do you

The way this snow froze!!! Lol I don't live in snow so I'm amused by simple things like this

Just-in-time ironing is probably a sign of poor domestic time-management but putting on a still-warm just-ironed shirt is delicious

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