TIL There are mini truck garden contests in Japan

The “kei” trucks are barely larger than city cars. The goal is to build the most aesthetically pleasing garden in the truck bed


Hoping to base my working from home plan on VNC and discovering I need to relearn all the xtartx, Xresources Xsession madness I forgot about 20 years ago

I’ve been using the hand sanitizer in the office kitchen each time I make myself tea and my hands have never been so moisturized

@Aleums one of my fav things about neural nets working with cat pictures is that so much of the source imagery it learns from has IMPACT TEXT on it. so it learns that cats look like that, that it's a part of a cat.

I built a Zlant, an eccentric staggered 40% mechanical keyboard. Wrote about it on my blog!


*pic of arctic hares* see the cute spherical buns? those are some nice round bois


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magnifique, chef's kiss, a single tear runs down my cheek

ok, app, this name and icon are so cute you almost made me install it for that alone and I don't even need Spanish conjugation software

Software is like an onion. If you open up the inner layers you start crying

when u smile it's like ur flashing a little bit of your skeleton. just that one part of it. you can't show any other parts of your skeleton to people in public.

Some people, who are not artists, look at today's art in museums and go "wow that's dumb" particularly to the more weird/abstract/minimalist stuff, because they don't understand all the context and meaning behind the pieces.

However I, with family active in the high art scene, look at how the pieces exist inside an insular cesspool of nepotism and rich people navel-gazing, who look down on equally poignant art in "low brow" comics, animation, unknown internet artists, and I go "wow that's dumb"

Also, even if you value art for monetary reasons, we actually made more money selling cheap queer porn zines at a porn zine art show than when selling typical paintings/sculptures. Turns out 100 poor people buying $10 comics is just as, if not more likely to happen than ONE rich white dude buying a $1000 painting. 🤷‍♂️

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