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Damian Cugley @pdc@octodon.social

"Welcome to Earth, Ambassador!"
"I've visited before," the alien said, "and learned your customs."
"I will not bite my thumb again."
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

Here's a user stylesheet snippet you can use to replace hamburger menus with hamburgers:

.fa-bars:before {
content: "πŸ”" !important;

It doesn't work on everything, not even all websites using Font Awesome (you wouldn't believe how many ways people find to implement the hamburger...) but it occasionally pops up in hilarious places

Let's start this week-end with a good pratice : BACKUP. Time for backup. Not enough backup. And of course, I can restore and I've tested to restore them. So let's time to backup.

Further advices in case your life isn't changed enough:

Show HN: Thanks – See which NPM dependencies are seeking donations

(submitted by feross)

I could go shopping or I could decide it is OK to have pocky for pudding

Now patiently awaiting the inevitable "is your child texting about plums in the refrigerator" tweet.

NULLSQL is the best database with the most amazing write times imaginable. Put all of your data into NULLSQL today!

cat data > /dev/null


NULLSQL uses the latest in NULLSQL technology using a combination of WRITE ONCE, READ NEVER (WORN) and Singularity Indexing so reads are fast fast FAST!


\o/ ActivityPub is now a W3C recommendation! congrats @cwebber, @erincandescent, @rhiaro, and a whole bunch of other cool people for getting the spec there!

(this message has been brought to you via ActivityPub :P)

Electronic data in my employer's accounts system. Electronic data in HMRC's databases. In between is me digging though last year's correspondence looking for my P60 😒

Susan Kare, graphic designer who created many familiar icons & fonts for Apple, NeXT, Microsoft, and IBM.

Her creations include most of the iconography and fonts which shipped with the original Macintosh, and many icons which persisted in Windows from version 3 until XP.

#SusanKare #iconic #womenintech #design #designers #graphicdesign #Macintosh #NeXT #Windows #vintagecomputers #vintagecomputing

Boardgames this afternoon! 7 Wonders, and Settlers of Catan plus the Knights and Cities expansion plus the 5-player expansion which takes a while.

First hoop class of the year and I have done regular mermaids and reverse mermaids (or possibly inner mermaids, the terminology is unclear) and now feeling thoroughly exercised.

On the quantification of beauty:

It's not the same, reading about forests in ebooks.
Paper remembers the whispered wind, the dappled light, the soft smell. And honours it.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories