I love how people are excited about person-to-person Apple Pay payments when literally 70% of America and 85% of the world run Android and therefore it is totally useless unless all your friends are hipsters like you are 👌

"Human beings act in ways that are motivated by economic rationality, and will always seek to maximize profit"
*looks upon millions and millions of words of fan fiction*
your model has something of an explanatory gap

"A second question, for the communitarian conception in particular, is how you scale cooperation up without lapsing back into a bureaucratic, alienating and unaccountable system. Thus, the question is how to build decentralized governance systems that give people true voice in the decentralized technology systems."


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@vfrmedia @NOiDEa @mattcropp Local cooperative banks (and credit unions too, I think) need to collaborate in order to provide good online and mobile banking. This is something German coop. banks have been doing for decades. As a small credit institution, it's usually impossible to do this on your own.

#Announcement #MastodonSocial

We are pleased to announce our new community moderators: @CM_chrismartin, @CM_noelle, and @CM_rushyo.

Their job is to help deal with reports, they are your point of contact for community related issues.

They are here to enforce the Community Guidelines, which can be found here: mastodon.social/about/more


#Announcement #MastodonSocial

We trust these CMs to speak for and act in the best interest of m.s. CMs currently have full administrative powers, they will follow this protocol for moderation:


The google doc allows you to comment, in case you have feedback to help us improve these protocols, as you can see it’s only a version 0.5.


@CM_rushyo @CM_noelle @CM_chrismartin

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W3C Social Web Community Group is having its kick-off call in a little less than three hours! (Friday, May 5th of 2017 at 4PM GMT!) Let's talk the future of the federated social web!

* Call details wiki page: w3.org/wiki/SocialCG/2017-05-0 (feel free to add topics)
* Original announcement: w3.org/community/swicg/2017/05

Hope to see you there!

An instance that encourages similarly minded instances to spring up around it as a hub by offering a subdomain to anyone who wants to set up a federated instance.

(This is not what I registered a domain for a minute ago)

This is a video of Russian media and pop culture in response to Donald Trump getting elected. Omg it's so bizarre and terrible and weird fieldofvision.org/our-new-pres

But does Pass give me Bash completion on the password?

🚨🚨🚨 Really major Gmail phishing attack going around right now. Do NOT click on an unexpected "Open in Docs" link.

Whether or not you have, now is a great time to review the apps you've authed to your account: security.google.com/settings/s

Does anyone use 2FA with Gmail *and* get their mail through Evolution?

What I like about Mastodon: someone is going to bed every hour of the day.

@Gargron Hi, do you know if a "share" button (for sharing stuff from a web browser) has been created for Mastodon ? Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.

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