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OK is now back (I'm also it's new host/owner) -- but it may be a bit sloppy until it catches back with all the missed messages the last ~two days

You can now find a link to our Matrix room on our FAQ page.

(It bridges with our discord server, the general channel specifically).

@inhji fair point! we will add it shortly :)

Thkank you for the feedbakc!

@inhji we are using ELM for sure. It is lightweight, robust and align well with the experience we want to produce.

@alva @chr I'll add it to the FAQ now that I know it works.

Just so you are aware there are many rooms on the discord side.

That means the bridge links matrix to the general channel on discord.

@alva @chr I'm not very experience with matrix, but this is the channel I guess.

The invite link looks like!ktFwaIjqZESCHTmVa but I don't think it works.

I might need to change something on the room itself.
If you can nudge me in the right direction to make it work, that'll be greatly appreciated

We now have an FAQ for some of the frequent questions people have asked lately :)

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@loweel @thufie @Frinkeldoodle we haven't put it out there to share with the world either.

It won't be long until we announce where to find the code and how to use it

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@violet just in case it is not clear.

We plan to support activitypub because that is what we are using ourselves and we will need time to migrate over.

Parastat to parastat communication will not use activity pub.

@Frinkeldoodle @thufie the matrix bridge is enabled. It is not exactly working as well as it could be, so we haven't started advertising it yet

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