@loweel we don't owe you anything.
Please be demanding in someone else's mention.

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J'ai accès au Mr Cuisine Connect hacké demandez moi un truc à afficher dessus et je le mettrai

I have access to that hacked kitchen robot thing ask me for stuff to display on it

@tixie thank you :)
We have a great designer, that helps a lot

A small reminder that if you have question on , you can always @ this account.

The answer will likely take sometime, but usually we reply to everyone that has questions.

(note: @ our individual accounts with generic question is bad form tho)

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Some taste of what is to come (this is not a mockup tho, its the real thing)

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woo boy here's a take for your Monday, fedi

"Coders Should Be Activists"

> Open-source developers could push for climate action or humanitarian causes, but instead, their code has remained a reliable bet for even the most egregious of corporations to use freely


OCAP is there to fix ActivityPub problems, but doesn't change AP fundamentally.

Maybe there are voices that never make it to the W3C.
Maybe design by committee is not the only way we should build the fedi.
We think that there is power in diversity.

People rolled their own protocol before, the fediverse has quite a few: Dispora, ActivityPub, OStatus, Zot, DFRN already (handy picture attached).

I'd argue Mastodon has been and is a success despite underlying protocol(s).

@schmittlauch There will be one of us at fosdem, so maybe not a rounded representation of the whole project/team.

On AP, we probably plan to do both communication on a subset of the feature. It is not written yet, so I cannot really tell you more than that.

Compromise are usually good, nothing fits every use case right.
We might just not share the same ones to the w3c working groups on social stuff.

I'm not sure where you get the idea of proprietary protocol, it wont be proprietary

Going to ?
Want to get some parastat sticker?

Find the Purple hoodie wearer with our logo at the front

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@dzuk @parastat that is what happen when I try to make the front work 😱

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Using the @parastat Closed Alpha server (which only currently has a CLI interface) right now be like

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I maintain that @forktogether is still a project to watch because it has good people with experience behind it.

I am genuinely intrigued by @parastat though. The three individuals behind it are well known "good eggs" on the fediverse and I look forward to seeing what they produce too. 🙂

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@trechnex @parastat

I completely agree! I'm not too fussed who does the work, it excites me to see so many projects coming out of some people stepping away from Masto-main.
So I'm happy and excited either way!

re: fedi meta 

fedi meta 

fedi meta 

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tech, accessbility 

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