@parastat @feneas jortage.com is a really cool project that my server donphan.social uses, I would love to see it mentioned on this blog post!

@https://octodon.social/users/Siphonay @https://octodon.social/users/parastat Jortage doesn't look like it federates via ActivityPub, Diaspora or some other social protocol, unless I'm mistaken?

The fediverse.party code is at https://git.feneas.org/feneas/fediverse - you can log an issue there if it does federate. The site is only to highlight federated social web projects.

@jaywink @Siphonay @parastat Jortage is media storage for Masto/APub instances. Basically like Wasabi but run by a fellow admin.

@Parnikkapore @jaywink @parastat yes, it's a communal storage pool for AP servers and not an AP microblogging/publishing software

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