We now have an FAQ for some of the frequent questions people have asked lately :)

@parastat ooh what matrix room is the discord bridged to

@chr @parastat I'm curious too. The link takes me to download an app and I can't seem to glean a room name or something.

@alva @chr I'm not very experience with matrix, but this is the channel I guess.

The invite link looks like!ktFwaIjqZESCHTmVa but I don't think it works.

I might need to change something on the room itself.
If you can nudge me in the right direction to make it work, that'll be greatly appreciated

@parastat @chr the invite link and attempting to join the channel directly both give me "You are not invited to this room," so yes, seems like a room setting issue. I don't have much experience with it either, beyond creating some non-bridged rooms.

@alva @chr I'll add it to the FAQ now that I know it works.

Just so you are aware there are many rooms on the discord side.

That means the bridge links matrix to the general channel on discord.

@parastat Have you decided yet what frontend language/framework to use? I peeked into the discord and I thought someone mentioned elm but I'm not sure :)

@inhji we are using ELM for sure. It is lightweight, robust and align well with the experience we want to produce.

@parastat I'd suggest to add that to the faq to make it clear that you don't need to know C to contribute code to parastat.

@inhji fair point! we will add it shortly :)

Thkank you for the feedbakc!

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