parastat says trans rights

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@dzuk Just found the following in CNPLv2 that Parastat uses:

1c. "Bodily Harm" means any action of one person towards another in an intentional manner.

This passage seems unclear to me. What exactly does "action of one person towards another" mean in English?

@dzuk Or, rather, is there anyone in particular on the Fediverse that I should ask for clarification of this passage?

@dzuk Seems like I found the proper person to ask, based on the commits at

@thufie I think that's a question for you!

@dzuk CNPLv3 was just released by @thufie who fixed that error at

You might want to update Parastat's license to the newest version.

@phoe @dzuk I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND using the syntax CNPLv3+ in order to ensure the latest version of the license with the most loopholes worked out can always be applied, without worrying too much about manually updating it in your documentation. Just like with the GPL, etc.

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