People asked about what is going with our little project, so we wrote a little blog post about that

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J'ai accès au Mr Cuisine Connect hacké demandez moi un truc à afficher dessus et je le mettrai

I have access to that hacked kitchen robot thing ask me for stuff to display on it

A small reminder that if you have question on , you can always @ this account.

The answer will likely take sometime, but usually we reply to everyone that has questions.

(note: @ our individual accounts with generic question is bad form tho)

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Some taste of what is to come (this is not a mockup tho, its the real thing)

Going to ?
Want to get some parastat sticker?

Find the Purple hoodie wearer with our logo at the front

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@dzuk @parastat that is what happen when I try to make the front work 😱

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Using the @parastat Closed Alpha server (which only currently has a CLI interface) right now be like

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@trechnex @parastat

I completely agree! I'm not too fussed who does the work, it excites me to see so many projects coming out of some people stepping away from Masto-main.
So I'm happy and excited either way!

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tech, accessbility 

Who knows of:
* tools
* resources

To be a good citizen for screenreaders.

I take anything from pages that test another page, locally runnable tools, videos, corporate guideline on how to code front end for screen readers, etc. etc.

Boost much appreciated

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OK is now back (I'm also it's new host/owner) -- but it may be a bit sloppy until it catches back with all the missed messages the last ~two days

You can now find a link to our Matrix room on our FAQ page.

(It bridges with our discord server, the general channel specifically).

We now have an FAQ for some of the frequent questions people have asked lately :)

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Fedi Meta 

Want to know why we are making an alternative to mastodon ?

Here is what we have in mind

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