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Rather than a full news bulletin, could we just have a swingometer that swings between The Mikado and King Lear?

North Korea always looks very peaceful from the neon-wormed Chinese side of the river: few artificial lights, folk at simple trades, vast rambling farms, the occasional bicycle. That's the thing about peace, isn't it? You have to lock the medicine cabinet and count the silverware.

Alan Lamb's Wire Music is composed by attaching a phonograph pickup or microphone to the long stretches of wire in the Aussie outback. In effect a naturally-played Aeolian harp, he picks up wind and other weather, noise amplified by the odd harmonic modes of the system, and also the third-law recoil of birdsong.

US drug company sets up microbrewery on the side in their QA lab; FDA not amused. (via Chemjobber)

/Great Ocean Road/, the iconic /Pages from Ceefax/ album from our childhoods.


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