Miserable 80s Uzbek disco music (featuring video of miserable disco). youtu.be/NpIVCcjjqLg

Wow, softplay has even made it to . I thought it would be all jeliedy eels and charabancs to Margate where they weirdly exchange lumbering think-pieces about The Issues of The Day that the writers read about in The Guardian!

Oh my word, what is it with speaker introductions these days! Most YouTube lectures you can skip the first fifteen minutes as it's some random person extolling the virtues and declaiming the CV of the speaker. Who is this supposed to benefit. Also, speakers, cut the biography crap yourself, too, please!

Also, what is it that leaves clutter everywhere in abandoned places? Is it a lack of tiny pieces of tidying over many years? Is it trespassers? Is it the weather again? I'd love just to see a time-lapse of abandoned malls or hospitals, etc. Just to see all this in action.

What is it that we do when a place is not abandoned to make it not look like an abandoned place? You know, within ten years the plaster comes off the walls, the floorboards fall through, trees grow up in the main room. Is it really about keeping the inside dry, about weathertightness from rain? Is that the main thing?

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@Ivafakename Sure! I'm not exactly a world expert on this stuff, but I'll have a go, :-) . I enjoy listening and talking about it.

@Ivafakename That sounds like a plan for me, but I'm just one person, :-) .

I'd recommend a bookshop to start out as there's loads of rubbish on YouTube (and good stuff, but *loads* of rubbish). There's just a bit more of a barrier to turning your thoughts into a book which is a mild filter, :-) .

Go to some online bookshop (like the two I mentioned) click "paganism" or "magic" and see what catches your eye. Something to do with herbs, fairies, seasons, formal rituals, earth-worship, ....

@Ivafakename I know it sounds weird, but I'd recommend just trying stuff at the start. Find a good bookshop like Treadwells in London or Fields Bookstore in S.F. (once on Polk, now in cyberspace) and type some stuff you're interested in. If you're lucky enough to be in London ever, I'd recommend talking to the lovely folk at Treadwells.It will be hit and miss because it's like clothes: try stuff on, folk are different.

@Ivafakename There's lots of different "kinds" of withcraft, often called paths. Garnderian Wicca is one, Hethanism another, Dianic another. There's also lots of eclectic folk. Most es I know combine things from different paths, though there are some who just stick to one path. Dee is John Dee, an Elizabethan polymath; G.D. is Golden Dawn a Victorian occult society; Feri is an apparently newer, neo-pagan tradition whose origins are ... controversial enough to avoid mention.

When there was first colour , there were living testcards, people who sat on a chair for hours as technicians fiddled with settings. Zsuzsanna Budapest (the famous ) was one of the first (for CBS in the US).

@Ivafakename Choosing a path is quite important and difficult. I could recommend things, but they'd reflect mainly my own interests (Dee+G.D.+Feri). The Spiral Dance (Starhawk) on one hand and Triumph of The Moon on the other (Hutton) are very different books (spiritual/factual), but both are rightly famous for what they do.

If you find a recipe asking for cinnamon swap it for nutmeg; use Muscavado sugar where possible; if it calls for a spirit, use rum. Pirate up your baking!

What the Apple user experience trajectory basically feels like:


STDs xenophobia 

Belgium's "Couque suisse" are somewhat like Britain's "Belgian Buns" or "Danish Pastries". I can understand it with syphilis, each country wanting to name it after some other, but these pastries are somewhat more lovely!

@platypus 😀 It's difficult to "turn into code" societal expectations, isn't it? Especially given how diverse a set of starting places. Maybe something like chaperones, pairing, or mentors might work in many cases longer-term?

@platypus A lot of it seems to be in the, well "enforcement" isn't the right word, "ways in which they are operationalised". Both in terms of actually taking it seriously, but also in the ways new users, etc, are guided in their conduct, ideally prior to it being an issue. There's lots of marvelously worded codes in very toxic places and vice versa.

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