Hey folks -- who do you think does Codes of Conduct really well? Can you share links? I've got a bunch collected but I am sure I'm missing some!

Relatedly -- do you have favorite examples of social expectations which _aren't_ codes of conduct (e.g. things that are more aspirational about how we should BE together but aren't codes of conduct because you shouldn't enforce aspirations in the same way you'd respond to harmful behaviors)?


@platypus A lot of it seems to be in the, well "enforcement" isn't the right word, "ways in which they are operationalised". Both in terms of actually taking it seriously, but also in the ways new users, etc, are guided in their conduct, ideally prior to it being an issue. There's lots of marvelously worded codes in very toxic places and vice versa.

@ox yes, definitely. We don't want to make it too wordy or too overwhelming and focus on how we make sure it has a positive effect

@ox on reflection, too, it really is a struggle not to try to say literally everything in it.

@platypus 😀 It's difficult to "turn into code" societal expectations, isn't it? Especially given how diverse a set of starting places. Maybe something like chaperones, pairing, or mentors might work in many cases longer-term?

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