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Don't forget to digitize all the documents because hard drives last 20 years and paper only lasts a few thousand.

My neighbors still have their Halloween decorations up so I snuck over and made them festive. #halloween #christmas

A #semihaiku consists of 8.5 syllables divided into three lines of 2½, 3⅓, and 2½ syllables respectively:

What the h—
Get away fr—

mastodon: where the only brands anybody talks to me about are fountain pens and archaic terminal devices 1965 - 1990.

A non video-game related post for a change. Doctor Who's new fashion sense. I did the suspenders. Check it out.

My suggestion: The woman who was doxxed by Posobiec on Twitter should sue Twitter for its total market value. Then after she owns it, it can be made into something worthwhile.

twitter is like Mastodon, but for people who like their infrastructure to be controlled by nazi-sympathizing capitalists

Reconsidering my choices of websites to follow, as 90% of my RSS is pics and vids from old horror movies/TV. Although it's good to see Elvira again, where's her predecessor, Sinister Seymour??

The terror truckdriver's shout was misinterpreted... it was "IT'S A TRAP AKBAR", the cry of a radicalized Star Wars fan.

As part of a decades-long experiment in color perception, the US government has been gradually making cheddar cheese, school buses, and traffic lights a little more orange each year, while continuing to call them "yellow."