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What if GAFAM (Google, Apple, Fb, Amzn, MSFT) creators were Babyboomers and created Free Money Software but paid with Data for Millenials knowing we were poors and make it their economic model so they can earn money from our poverty?

Star Wars has never been very good with naming characters/entire species...
Factoid: when the original came out, I wrote a comedy bit "Darth Nader: Interplanetary Consumer Advocate" and it forever affected how I thought of ol' Ralph. Also a Sesame Street bit with the "Wookiee Monster"... and when the latest one made "Porg" out of Star Trek's "Borg", well, I feel so assimilated...

So the local weather forecast calls for incoming thunderstorms... with rain likely evaporating before it hits the ground... not good for our already scary fire danger (I'm in San Luis Obispo County, coast central Cal)

I think it's super important that we realize that Mastodon isn't "the next Twitter / Tumblr / whatever". It's not there yet. I was on the ground floor when people were "migrating" to Google Plus, and that went so horribly because we all thought it was gonna kill Facebook tomorrow.

We won't kill *anything* unless we make this a place people want to come to by 1) keeping all oppressors out and 2) making good community / context / posts

Ryan North is the Indisputable Master Genius of Comics (even if T. Rex in Dinosaur Comics has become boring over 14 years), but he got Garfield's Jim Davis (or his art staff) to do a couple pages for Marvel's Squirrel Girl with Galactus as Garfield.

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Almost-everybody's-favorite French webcomicker Boulet... ANIMATED!

(make sure your YouTube subtitles are on for English translation)

If you think the Internet invented "cute cat videos", check out this Encyclopedia Britannica Film from 1958.

A good piece of writing on 'font hate'
Relieved it didn't mention the font I've been overusing in my personal branding since 1980... Bookman Swash

🏳️ (white flag)
picked this up from @Siphonay
who was using a clippy emoji :clippy: for giggles like this :
:clippy: Are you trying to overthrow capitalism?

Old friend drama, yeesh. I'll skip the story for now and say this: plenty of nerds have not figured out that in the age of the internet, wittiness is abundant and low-value. Consideration and respect, however, are still pure gold.

Autumn weather? Here it's 86F/30C, bright sun with less than the usual great air quality, due to the fires 200 MILES NORTH OF HERE. There's a storm front that may get here by Thursday (current 5 day forecast under 50% chance of rain). Autumn?

...and a follow-up comment:

Here's a potential rule of thumb (via a fiendish thingy's comment upthread): Mansplaining when doing it to women, Whitesplaining when doing it to POC, Whitemansplaining when doing it to WOC, Cissplaining when doing it to Non-Cis, and when you do it to persons of your own category OR don't care what they are: just SPLAINING.

And there's a not-too-broad line between MeFi's already-defined "beanplating" and Splaining.

In MeFi's thread about "Mansplaining", this is my most favorited comment in MONTHS...

Most of this is PAINFULLY TRUE, but this one is actually funny:

When women sing
"They did the Mash"
And then the guy chimes in
"They did the *Monster* Mash"
That's called Wolfmansplaining.

Or am I overexplaining?

this is why 95% of my commenting is on Metafilter where moderators delete my awfulest stuff...

one of my fave silly sites ... I posted it to MeFi over a year ago and its still going strong (and sillier than ever)