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whenever somebody mentions "headcanon" I'm going to post this image (via the Cat Cosplay blog)

Years later, another minor UHF station tried the same thing with Doctor Who reruns (3rd & 4th docs, the first episodes in color)... it didn't work as well but I liked it...

But here in LA was the first place Trek reruns got shown weeknights at 7PM (a desperate effort by one local station to compete with I Love Lucy which had been #1 in that time slot for years - and it worked.) So I became a happy Trekker.

I'm old enough to remember thoroughly enjoying Original Trek (a LOT more than Lost in Space) and getting upset when ST:TOS was moved to 10PM, past my bedtime.
..and I'm 62 (and 5 months younger than Kermit)... good thing we're both in California

hey, I got my name in lights! (which is why I used the pen name of Wendell)

Vice is that young guy in an armani suit sitting next to you at a bar who wants to be friends who keeps showing you "this fucked up crazy shit" on his phone "bro"

honestly I can't take credit for the Foopball Shirt, that's the work of blogger/prankster Jeff Wysaski here
But ever since I picked "OneSwellFoop" for my nick at various online places, I've taken note of everything Foop.

Don't forget to digitize all the documents because hard drives last 20 years and paper only lasts a few thousand.

My neighbors still have their Halloween decorations up so I snuck over and made them festive. #halloween #christmas

A #semihaiku consists of 8.5 syllables divided into three lines of 2½, 3⅓, and 2½ syllables respectively:

What the h—
Get away fr—

mastodon: where the only brands anybody talks to me about are fountain pens and archaic terminal devices 1965 - 1990.

A non video-game related post for a change. Doctor Who's new fashion sense. I did the suspenders. Check it out.