Adventures in -- today, I decided it was a good day to put a 32bit board into my completely servicable printer. Now I have a nice 32bit board and an issue with the extruder motor I am running out of time to debug ...


And fixed. Remember kids, if you _think_ about a possible error, that's to _avoid_ it, not to _make_ it (-: (I plugged the cables in wrong, missing a pin. Motor did not like that, obviously).

Now I can cleanup the setup, consider moving the board into a proper enclosure rather than just having it flop around in the printer base, fix up some wire connectors, and of course, print much more quietly. TMC2100 for the win!

@oliof Cool, which 32bit board did you pick? I'm wondering about the Archim v2 for my ageing Lulzbot AO101, same format/connectors is a big plus but pricey...

@haytor I had an AZSMZ mini lying around for a project that never materialized and which now runs pretty well with Marlin 2.0. The test print (benchy) was fine until halfway up when the nozzle got caught on something ... not sure whether I need to fix up z hop on retract or extruder calibration (probably both (-: )

If I were to buy a board today, it'd be either Duet, or an SKR, depending on the available budget. I also want to try klipper some time ...

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