And now version 1.4 of Fluff M0 arrived, and what do you know, adding the pull-down resistors made the USB-C ports work!

This version has a LED, 3 extra pins, a prototyping area, staggered holes for solder-less insertion of headers, no battery circuits, and no reset switch, but it's compatible with Adafruit Feather M0 Basic boards.

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After more than fifty years, the old waffle iron I inherited from my grandmother is giving up. I hope the new one will last as long ...

Lost one sixth of my weight since beginning of the year ... at this rate I'll be nothing on January 1st, 2023


Die #MakervsVirus-Plattform bringt Menschen/Organisationen zusammen, die dringend Ausrüstung oder Ersatzteile brauchen, und #Maker und #Makerspaces, die diese produzieren können.


Hey, uh, I know my circle on here isn't very music-oriented. But in the isolation I've gotten back into engraving (typesetting) public domain music. If anybody has any particular public domain piece they'd like transcribed into a digital file with MuseScore, I'll do it for free! (provided I can find a scanned score, and it hasn't already been done well). #music ♻️🆗

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