yay, I fixed the mechanics on my 3d printer! boo, the filament does not stick to the glass! yay, I have another day or two of vacations to figure out what's going on now -- keeps pushing more and new challenges every time I think I solved my latest problem (-:

Today in I exhanged the cheap power supply that came with my kit with a nice ATX power supply I got for free from a co-worker. Had to weed out a bunch of cables, but this looks pretty okay IMHO

Berliners! My ex-intern, now full-time employee, urgently needs a new flat because her current flat situation is untenable. She needs a place where she can live with her sister. Requirements: Not bleedingly expensive, space for two people, in Berlin. Any leads, please get in touch!

OK, I liked, and could not leave my fingers off the delta printer, and it looks like I can now print the cheap PLA on my 3d printer ... slowly. The Slicer "autospeed" option seems to solve the problem with the stalling extruder (likely since it promises constant pressure on the nozzle), and I was able to print more than 5 layers before bad stuff happened for the first time in weeks ... still means failing forward to me. But it's fun.

I'll be traveling for a week, so no updates soon.

Currently hitting a snag in ... I might have induced some errors incorrigible even by the great calibration of the Duet Wifi board; my current part seems to fail at exactly the same spot, even though I changed out a bunch of things, including heater block and nozzle. I will have no time for the next two weeks to try and change things around; and I hope to return to the printer with a fresh view on things.

Robot uprising has been averted by a slicing error and a printing mishap 10 minutes before the part was finished ... I will need to look into this tomorrow, failing forward!

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