my ship-of-theseus'd CR20: Change of control board to Duet WiFi (with antenna), added touch interface (PanelDue 5i), independent dual z screw, filament sensor, Touch Mi z probe.

On the to-do list: Proper mounts for display and antenna, filament sensor with jam detection capability, PSU control, better print surface ... Maybe even linear rails conversion for y and x.

That feeling when the support failed on first layer but fixes itself mid-air ....

After some trials and tribulations, I am again! Aside the 3d printering (printing a new X belt tensioner, so I can move the axis further right for calibration), I am doing functional parts again (self designed clasps to improve the fixture of a baseboard).


I had spent all my life enamored by the myths of mermaids and sought every avenue I could to prove they were real.

They had to be real, the world and the tales made no sense otherwise.
It couldn't simply have been the fancies of lonely sailors unable to differentiate maiden from dugong.

Then one day my persistence paid off - my vessel was almost capsized as she climbed aboard.

At first I was confused by what I saw.

#TootFic #FlashFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Mermay #UrbanFantasy #BBW

Warning: If you don't schedule time for maintenance, your equipment will schedule it for you.

And fixed. Remember kids, if you _think_ about a possible error, that's to _avoid_ it, not to _make_ it (-: (I plugged the cables in wrong, missing a pin. Motor did not like that, obviously).

Now I can cleanup the setup, consider moving the board into a proper enclosure rather than just having it flop around in the printer base, fix up some wire connectors, and of course, print much more quietly. TMC2100 for the win!

Adventures in -- today, I decided it was a good day to put a 32bit board into my completely servicable printer. Now I have a nice 32bit board and an issue with the extruder motor I am running out of time to debug ...

hey, bahn-profis anwesend? hab mal eine frage. fahrt gebucht nach italien, zusammenhängende reise. erste verbindung schlug fehl, ich musste teure anschluss-tickets buchen. kostenerstattung wurde mehrmals abgelehnt, weil: keine zusammenhängende reise mehr!
was tun?

There's some doubt as to whether the remains in the famous tomb in St. Thomas's Church, Leipzig, Germany really are those of Johann Sebastian Bach. The truth is apparent to anyone who places their ear to the tomb, though; if you do so, you'll be able to hear - however faintly due to the material in the way - Bach's music, played backwards. It must be Bach in the tomb, then, for that is the sound of the great musician 

/checks calendar

I mean, Cyberpunk 2020 is not THAT far off

Today I learned: There is a gender-neutral equivalent to niece and nephew. "Nibling." And it dates back to well before I was born, too! Bonus!

Tell all your enbuddies. I'm sure they'll get a kick out of it. I know I did.

@Rheall @David_A_Webcomic

No problem, you're welcome! :)

I mean this here is like watching magic happen and gets me so excited about 3d. I don't think there is or ever has been a better point in time to get into Blender.

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