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Die #MakervsVirus-Plattform bringt Menschen/Organisationen zusammen, die dringend Ausrüstung oder Ersatzteile brauchen, und #Maker und #Makerspaces, die diese produzieren können. makervsvirus.org/de/

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Hey, uh, I know my circle on here isn't very music-oriented. But in the isolation I've gotten back into engraving (typesetting) public domain music. If anybody has any particular public domain piece they'd like transcribed into a digital file with MuseScore, I'll do it for free! (provided I can find a scanned score, and it hasn't already been done well). #music ♻️🆗

If you do ops, devops, or SRE work, are looking for a job, and live in the Bay area or near Washington DC (or are willing to live in one of those areas, shoot me a message.

I have one or two junior/mid positions opening up in the next few weeks. I can provide more details privately.

Hair redid. Knot is what this heavy fabric tie allowed when I tried the Krasny Hourglassm

What will be Friday's tie knot?

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