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re: 🧷 account details 

  • unlisted &/or public posts ok to boost unless otherwise specified

  • locked, but follow requests welcome !

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🧷 friend codes 

if you want to be friends feel free,(-:

  • Pokémon Go: 7643 6477 4392
  • Pikmin Bloom: 8751 5955 3644
  • Duel Links: main: 936-989-923, 2nd: 376-930-218, 3rd: 362-995-299, PC: 332-357-309
  • Switch: 5176-9172-8713
  • Steam: https:// ~

i'm going to build this rocketship so fast you would swear it was never not-built

hysterically laughing as well as rolling on the ground from seeing massively heavy avatars with the skinniest fcuking arms ever el-em-ay-OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

your boyfriend is made of a pillow,
my boyfriend is Animesh (Second Life fake bf),
we are a little bit the same
(hi, how are you)

@objecthead oh no, you fished up a boot! at least there's less trash in the sea now, right?

@objecthead you caught a heart-spotted white cattlefish! holy moly, that's a stunning fish!

now i have 2 Tenchi Muyo wall scrolls up 

wall scrolls make nice posters especially when the little tube parts inevitably need to be removed from the smaller sized ones :blabcat:

i like how so many have realized they're some kind of system

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