lol i feel like such a hipster twat trying to explain what noise music is

if I see a cute enough boy, i whine involuntarily

so as some of y'all know i'm looking to move out and get a place of our own with my fiancee, which i think will be better for my mental health. that being said, i'm opening up my commissions!

:sparkles_nb: mediums: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, alcohol markers, black ink, pencil sketch, clay figures. :sparkles_nb:

:coin_up: i work with pretty much all budgets so don't be afraid to ask. :coin_up:

please see @bewitcharts on instagram for more art examples. :witchywink2:

IMAGE WARNING: contains artistic nudity. not graphic.

(note: last image is someones gemsona, which im more than willing to do again!)

if I see a cute enough boy, i whine involuntarily

i should probably find somebody to stay over with me at the start of march when Marie is gone

This is London Road (Brighton). This train is for Brighton. The next station is Brighton.

i love to try and find the single pixel that will take me to a toots replies on Mastodon

imagine being conditioned to be this upset about that

are there people that can just like

go to sleep?

when they want to?

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