Wait...I can't search for content unless it's hashtagged?

@nsqe yup, mostly to keep abusers from searching for untagged keywords such as "trigger" or certain genders, etc

@acostoss Oh...that's a shame. It seems like the anti-harassment culture here should be strong enough that we shouldn't have to cripple functionality to reinforce it. It's useful to be able to form communities by finding people who are discussing the things I'm interested in, which aren't always hashtagged.

@wxcafe Yeah, I'd think there would be better ways to approach anti-harassment (e.g., through culture) than by crippling functionality, though.

@nsqe well that's how the dev feels it should work, and given some of the community on twitter and some of the instances here I kinda agree with them

@nsqe submit a feature request! It's a lot of data to index every :dash: so I'm sure the decision was made to on peoples instances.

On the plus side, it forces us to use hashtags :hash:

@nsqe This is I believe so people can't just do a search for anyone mentioning a thing and harass them

@nsqe It's almost like opting in to making stuff searchable I guess? Idk

@masklayer Not all things are easily searchable, though. And I'm finding that people use hashtags here far less, probably because of the longer text field.

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