Sexy motherfucker shakin' dat ass, shakin' dat ass.

Too many of my coworkers follow me on all my social media for me to adequately subtweet about them.

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DEV-1: I've been into Scrotum development for years now. It's awesome!
DEV-1: ... what?
DEV-2: It's called SCRUM development.
DEV-1: *turns tomato red*

I hate peer performance reviews. Nothing like having my coworkers anonymously tell me all the things I'm doing wrong.

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who are some good people to follow who aren't just tooting about Mastodon itself or Mastodon in-jokes all the time?

It blows my mind how frequently I have to explain to adults who work in tech how to use bcc.

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"Dangerous Ruling On DMCA Safe Harbors May Backfire On Hollywood"

Excellent @mmasnick megapost sums up what I and a bunch of other folks have written about a pretty troubling legal opinion.

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Slow clap to whoever runs That's a top-tier domain name.

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Raise your hand if you sent people emails from "" in telnet via open relays when you were in sixth grade

"G.G.’s case is about much more than bathrooms. It’s about a boy asking his school to treat him just like any other boy. It’s about protecting the rights of transgender people in public spaces and not forcing them to exist on the margins. It’s about governmental
validation of the existence and experiences of transgender people, as well as the simple recognition of their humanity."

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For those who may have missed it:

Remember how Gavin Grimm took his case to the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court didn't make a proper decision, they kicked the case back down to the 4th Circuit?

The 4th Circuit ruled on Gavin's case today. The ruling is one of the most beautiful legal holdings I've ever read, and I strongly encourage all my and -ally friends to read it.

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Twitter sued Customs and Border Protection for trying to unmask one of their pseudonymous alt agency accounts. Within 24 hours of Twitter filing the lawsuit, the government withdrew its subpoena. What happened here?

I explain it all:

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🎺.☕️ And BTW: the reason I'm boosting toots about how admins have access to your DMs is because you deserve to be aware. That's why it's nice to be on an instance where you can trust the admin.

In case it's not clear: I will never sell your data or give this instance to someone who will. You all are my *family*, and I protect my family.

If for whatever reason you *didn't* trust me, I'd rather give the SSH keys to someone you did and give up the instance than keep being admin.

Wait...I can't search for content unless it's hashtagged?

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