Distance travel must shift to electric power (trains, buses or even cars), but intercity buses are remarkably efficient even on diesel fuel.

More graphics at: saxifrages.org/eco/show1s/Tran

Our city of Durham, NC is well over twice the area of Paris, France, but has 1/8th as many people.

We have room for plenty more neighbors in a vibrant, livable city; there is no need for further suburban sprawl.

My letter to WIRED. I'll re-subscribe again if they commit never to advertise intentionally harmful and addictive products in the future.

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The first of the blue-eyed grass has popped open. (Gilia capitatum is starting to bud in the same container.)

Sometimes I just like making a pretty graph to illustrate something, even if it's not dramatically insightful?

The very earliest blooming wildflowers of California: the Fetid Adder's Tongue, in a redwood forest on Mt. Tam, and the Footsteps of Spring, in the grass on Bernal Hill in San Francisco.

On a train on New Year's Eve, so I felt compelled to make a map of my Amtrak travel progress: npdoty.name/trains/

Look how excited they are! Here's a video of people yelling "we did it" and "congratulations" in their respective native tongues:
Here's the napkin where all the NIST researchers put their bets on what the final number would be:

A lovely intermodal transit day, ending with a bus trip over the Bay Bridge into the newly opened beautiful transit center with the rooftop park.

Oil portrait of Henry George, that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

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This weekend is City Nature Challenge!

If you haven't used iNaturalist yet, check it out: just take a picture of a plant or animal you see in the wild and get advice on what species it is.

Here are my observations from a short trip to Maui last weekend, including the Haleakalฤ Silversword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. macrocephalum) and a Green Sea Turtle:

@CobaltVelvet when I just logged in on octodon, the 2fa code page was in Chinese, while the rest of the login was en-us, as I'd expected.

WIP: the IETF's working groups, as seen/connected through mailing list traffic


When did I last visit __?

A fun exercise, using Google location history data, some code from @amac@twitter.com and some manual calendar reviewing.


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