Just got word that I'll be speaking again at this year's #LibrePlanet! I was going to attend regardless, but I'm very excited to be able to continue to build off of last year's talk.

The title of this year's talk is The Ethics Void. Here's a rough abstract:

Medicine, legal, finance, journalism, scientific research—each of these fields and many others have widely adopted codes of ethics governing the lives of their professionals. Some of these codes may even be enshrined in law. And this is for good reason: these are fields that have enormous consequences.

Software and technology pervade not only through these fields, but through virtually every aspect of our lives. Yet, when compared to other fields, our community leaders and educators have produced an ethics void. Last year, I introduced numerous topics concerning #privacy, #security, and #freedom that raise serious ethical concerns. Join me this year as we consider some of those examples and others in an attempt to derive a code of ethics that compares to each of these other fields, and to consider how leaders and educators should approach ethics within education and guidance.

My previous talks can be found here:


For this talk, I want to solicit the community at various points. I know what _I_ want to talk about, but what are some of the most important ethical issues to _you_? Unfortunately there's far too much to fit into a 40m talk! Also feel free to e-mail me at mtg@gnu.org.

@mikegerwitz it's great to talk codes of for technology!

Before you get too far into coming up with a new code, could I introduce you to some academics who have studied many of the existing codes? It can be especially tempting to assume there's nothing out there and start fresh, but indeed many people have suggested similar projects in the past.

/cc @annaeveryday or I can introduce you via email in case she's not checking Mastodon

@npd @annaeveryday Yes, please do get into contact with me via mtg@gnu.org. I'm just about to begin my research into work others have done on the topic; my plan is to integrate as much existing literature as I can and then fill in any gaps with respect to the specific topics that I'm looking to cover. The goal is to relate these ethical concerns to other fields in such a way that it provides perspectives that others can relate to. When dealing with computers, it's easy to forget how it affects people in real life, since it's often so abstract or detached from reality.

Thank you for reaching out!
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