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Okay everyone, if you want to see the new standard I'm working on (Linked Data Capabilities) it's available here:

I tried to include a gentle introduction-by-narrative-example, which I think was also very helpful in ActivityPub.

Very interested in feedback if you have it!

Nick Doty @npd

@cwebber I think the narrative example is great! It would also help me as a reader/reviewer to see examples of where this would be used today/tomorrow, i.e. not just the abstract car example, but a currently-implementable use case. Some standards folks write separate "explainer" docs, which can be very helpful.

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@npd Yeah... here are two use cases:

- Imagine you wanted to allow someone on another ActivityPub server to be able to help curate a collection of images / movies you have. You could hand them a capability to do that.
- There's an interesting "cloud file storage service" example in the Rebooting Web of Trust paper this derives from
- Updating key material in DIDs

And a whole lot more!

@cwebber @npd Wow, I think I need this for the idea that I'm noodling.