A bunch of people who weren't there were interested in the SocialCG call logs with me rambling how to do Fediverse: The Next Next Generation (while conforming to the AP spec too!). Meeting logs are here: w3.org/wiki/SocialCG/2018-10-1

@cwebber wow! this transcript is a LOT more detailed than I was expecting from "meeting minutes" on a voice call.

i know how tedious it can be to do live transcription (when i do it i have to sacrifice my ability to think carefully about and contribute to the conversation) so thank you and especially dmitriz very much for doing so! i'm happy i can follow along now 😁


@pho4cexa @cwebber yeah, W3C's convention of meeting minutes is a lot different from what we might be used to from more formal structures where minutes are mostly recording votes and decisions.

it's not quite transcription, but when it works well it does capture every point that is made, along with who made it.

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