Those adorable Sanitation department robots are the highlight of "Maniac". I'm glad they reappear in the coda.

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The Declaration of War against Cryptography (aka "The 2nd War against Cryptography") has been issued by the "Five Eyes":

Some choice extracts as an image for posterity attached to this toot and the close:

"Should governments continue to encounter impediments to lawful access to information necessary to aid the protection of the citizens of our countries, we may pursue technological, enforcement, legislative or other measures to achieve lawful access solutions."

Ten months later, and I've just finished my first two ActivityPub-powered chess matches, exactly as I'd imagined. I highly recommend and kudos to @kosinus for building it out so nicely!

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OK show of hands, who would join a #numtot or #transit or #urbanism instance because I just thought of a wonderful domain name

A lovely intermodal transit day, ending with a bus trip over the Bay Bridge into the newly opened beautiful transit center with the rooftop park.

@king I challenge @kosinus in part because there isn't yet a directory of random people to challenge to an ActivityPub based correspondence chess game.

Switching my (small) monthly auto-payment support for the Octodon administrator and Mastodon developer back to Patreon, since Liberapay's payment processor has shut them off.

Happy to see that Patreon seems to have chosen more reasonably payment structure/options in the meantime. First of the month works totally fine for this sort of thing.

📚 _Where There's Love, There's Hate_
I like everything about the writing of this book -- the husband/wife authors (who coyly refer to themselves with cameo appearances), the apparent relationship between the authors, Borges and their super close literary circle, reading the book in English translation when one of the main characters is a translator and details of how she translates detective story books into English are important to the plot.

But the story itself is just fine.

London Breed sworn in as the Mayor of San Francisco, promises to change "the politics of no to the politics of yes" including "yes, we will build more housing."

A dangerous precedent: soda companies paid to put an intentionally harmful but potentially popular measure on the California ballot (all local taxes would require 2/3rds ballot initiatives) and then convinced the legislature to block new municipal soda taxes for 13 years in order to withdraw the measure from the ballot.

Now that large companies are aware of this possibility, I fear the extortion will happen every election year.

Henry George wrote _Progress and Poverty_ in San Francisco, pawning all his belongings to cover the cost of the plates because no one would publish it, recognizing exactly the same problems that we see in San Francisco today. And he identifies the remedy (property tax, in particular tax on land valuable by virtue of location), the very remedy that wealthy voters have explicitly excluded from California with Proposition 13.

Oil portrait of Henry George, that hangs in the National Portrait Gallery.

To those who, seeing the vice and misery that spring from the unequal distribution of wealth and privilege, feel the possibility of a higher social state, and would strive for its attainment.
-- San Francisco, March, 1879

This weekend is City Nature Challenge!

If you haven't used iNaturalist yet, check it out: just take a picture of a plant or animal you see in the wild and get advice on what species it is.

Here are my observations from a short trip to Maui last weekend, including the Haleakalā Silversword (Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp. macrocephalum) and a Green Sea Turtle:

Cesar Chavez & S. Van Ness: a game, with two players.

The pedestrian runs across the crosswalk and tries to make it to the other side of the street. The other player is the car, who, egged on by a green light, guns the engine and tries to hit the pedestrian or force them back to the sidewalk.

@qubyte this Glitch link you posted in GitHub doesn't work for me:!/mastodon-we

Is it possible you didn't finish publishing the glitch yet? I'm definitely interested in it.

@CobaltVelvet when I just logged in on octodon, the 2fa code page was in Chinese, while the rest of the login was en-us, as I'd expected.

WIP: the IETF's working groups, as seen/connected through mailing list traffic

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