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The DMV won't let me apply for a driver's license, because I don't have auto liability insurance. I pointed out that I don't own or regularly drive a car, but was told that was irrelevant.

Allegedly this is a state with a Republican legislature that sued over Obamacare because it mandated purchase of private health insurance, but when it comes to making it more difficult or expensive for poor people or people who want to go mostly without cars, I guess those conservative principles don't count.

emailing my County Commissioners regarding land use policy, mandatory parking minimums and environmental sustainability

I'm not sure the particular impact of a digital climate strike on a personal homepage, but I still like the symbolism of the personal, public commitment. And it's easy to add:

h/t @emsenn for the prompt and for the particular resource

This kind of graphic is an experiment for me, based on this Sightline blog post "What Would Our Cities Look like If We Took Our Climate Change Values Seriously?"
Getting the map sizes right was a little tricky, but I believe this is correct, and it's a striking visual.

Our city of Durham, NC is well over twice the area of Paris, France, but has 1/8th as many people.

We have room for plenty more neighbors in a vibrant, livable city; there is no need for further suburban sprawl.

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Let's keep frequent flyer programs, except that instead of giving discounts for even more flying, instead you pay an exponentially-increasing tax on every flight.

Related proposal:

Genuinely excited to have set up compost service with a local company. Yesterday I cooked breakfast in our apartment, and was able to throw everything -- the coffee grounds, eggshells, egg carton, greasy paper towel from cleaning the cast iron pan, onion skins and veggie scraps -- into the compost container. Zero-waste breakfast!

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The key words "MUST", "MUST NOT", "REQUIRED", "SHALL", "SHALL NOT", "SHOULD", "SHOULD NOT", "RECOMMENDED", "MAY", and "OPTIONAL" in this toot are to be interpreted as described in RFC 2119.

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*feels bad*
I wonder if looking at Twitter will make me feel worse.
*looks at Twitter*
*feels worse*
Oh, interesting.

Why aren't more people familiar with the NATO phonetic alphabet? It would be so useful!

I was just trying to spell out my email address over the phone, the other person couldn't understand it, so I read out the letters as words (november-papa-delta-oscar-tango-yankee), and they were even more confused. Eventually we just texted over SMS to communicate.




in large part I made a list of my focuses so that I can spend less time spinning my wheels worrying about the scale of the problem or feeling general guilt/anxiety.

What actions can I take to address the climate crisis? I made a list:

I have a particular personal focus within each category:
* Reducing my personal carbon emissions
* Building communities
* Raising awareness
* Influencing local policy
* Influencing federal policy

What are you doing? Have you posted your list somewhere?

@emacsen @cwebber and that introduction functionality could be implemented lots of ways: signing other people's keys to indicate trust seems easier to me. (Indieweb's "vouch" was a little similar.)

But ocap URLs would have an additional function: you could cut off an entire downstream set of people by revoking a single URL, if a whole subgroup turns out to be unwanted.

But there are other confusions: if I know you through 7 connections and you cut off 2, my client has to keep a list and retry.

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