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"W1A" is unexpectedly amazing, like a self-referential BBC combination of "The Office" and "Yes, Minister".

I feel like there's actually no one I know that I could recommend it to, but meanwhile, I'm laughing, loudly, through every episode.

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The Internet lost a hero today. EFF is mourning the loss of our visionary co-founder, John Perry Barlow.

Want: one of those smart digital assistants, but when you ask it what time it is, it responds with the current reading of the Doomsday Clock.

How would I contact graphic designers interested in commissions to make icon sets?

I want to make a set of icons (for use as Slack/Mastodon custom emoji and other contexts) for plant species. In particular, I would want to start with common California-native trees and flowers, but this could be a wide-ranging project.

:quercus_agrifolia: :sequoia_sempervirens: :eschscholzia_californica:

May there be shared blocklists, content warnings, notification silencers, readability modes and so much more

A reflection on the media inundation of a family member, and a reminder to myself and others about , , filtering and .

> "I have something you want," his hand touched the package. "You have something I want ... five minutes here ... an hour someplace else ... two ... four ... eight ... Maybe I'm getting ahead of myself ... Every day die a little ... It takes up The Time...."

He moved back into the kitchen, his voice loud and clear: "Five years a piece. Nobody gives a better deal on the street."

๐Ÿ“š William S. Burroughs, _Naked Lunch_, on the currency (Time) used to purchase heroin

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If you or someone you know are a representative for a W3C member, consider voting for ActivityPub to become a recommendation!

> Because man's being is made of such strange stuff as to be partly akin to nature and partly not, at once natural and extra-natural, a kind of ontological centaur, half immersed in nature, half transcending it.

Free band name: the Ontological Centaurs.

@rowan next PR provides documentation on running smilodon in Heroku (compatible with the free tier).

Here's my mini-installation:

> Is man a sort of novelist of himself who conceives the fanciful figure of a personage with its unreal occupations and then, for the sake of converting it into reality, does all the things he doesโ€”and becomes an engineer?

๐Ÿ“š from "Man the Technician", Jose Ortega y Gasset

Here's my current goals document, what I call Doty Plan 2017:

I feel a little uncomfortable posting a link to this document, even though I've never put it behind access control. But maybe it's worthwhile to make our goals public.

Do others maintain a personal "mission statement" or a goals document?

* Bookmarks of mission statements (personal and organizational):
* Replying to Ben on his draft personal mission statement:

I like this model: donate money so that organizers can mail petitions with information and pre-paid postage to people in Florida, to put the restoration of voting rights to a statewide ballot.

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Now seems like a good time to remind everyone that our platform is designed to help you avoid wasting money in excessive payment processing fees.

P.S. Ruy Lopez (e4 .. Nf3) is the best opening for white, here's the paper:

AlphaZero is given the rules of chess and 4 hours playing itself in order to become the top-rated chess program in the world!?

๐Ÿ“š _Naked Lunch_, by William S. Burroughs.

Closely reading the text, especially in the moments most stream of consciousness, most poetic and disturbing without a clear plot, reminds me of the challenge of meditation, of focusing and re-focusing just on the current moment or experience.

Mastodon does support blocking entire instances, but those blocks aren't subsequently visible in the UI and aren't included in the blocklist export:

Mastodon is also importing/exporting single-column .csv files (no metadata included, so the same format is used for blocklists and followlists), with each line as:

Twitter exports and imports lists that consist in Twitter UIDs (long numeric strings), as .csv files (although there's only one column); Blocktogether supports the same. A little frustrating, since it requires an API call to turn a UID into a URL or screenname.