Sometimes I just like making a pretty graph to illustrate something, even if it's not dramatically insightful?

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Hey! Noisebridge is having a massive rent party art auction fundraiser this year! April 27th, 7pm. RSVP here and help us raise $10,000 in one night!

The very earliest blooming wildflowers of California: the Fetid Adder's Tongue, in a redwood forest on Mt. Tam, and the Footsteps of Spring, in the grass on Bernal Hill in San Francisco.

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just as the commonplace books of famous authors, scientists and philosophers have been collected and published, I hope someday to buy and read a book comprised solely of someone's nbconverted jupyter notebook sketches

Updating my year-plan, with mission statement and high-level goals, for 2019:
* stay healthy
* support family
* explain tech standards
* promote privacy
* fight fascism

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I built a tool for organizing events. It’s like Facebook Events, but with the big advantage of not being Facebook. You do need your guests’ email addresses for now. Let’s me know if you might be interested in trying it.

What if your phone or watch could broadcast a "no photos, please" message, and then people taking pictures with their phones got a prompt to confirm that they got your consent before taking a photo?

I think there's a lot of opportunity for broadcast tech, around privacy and in other areas:

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On a train on New Year's Eve, so I felt compelled to make a map of my Amtrak travel progress:

The Wired magazine I just received contains 12 full-page ads -- including back cover, inside front cover, and a fold-out spread -- for a "vaping" product, an addictive tobacco nicotine delivery system increasingly popular with kids.

The spin-off native advertising "Wired Brand Labs" group included a justifying editorial, concluding that alternatives to cigarettes "may have the potential to present less risk", while specifically avoiding saying that these products actually do present less risk.

Google Drive automatically scans and asks to "back up" all the files on an audio recorder immediately upon connecting it to my laptop USB port. If I accidentally press the wrong button, Google will have access to sensitive research data in violation of both my expectations and my commitments to my research subjects.

Me: hi computer, I would like to run this simple command
Computer: did you mean, "download and install updates and address conflicting version details for hours upon hours"?

📚 libraries are amazing
📚 interlibrary loan is amazing
📚 books are amazing

This trilogy (Outline; Transit; Kudos) by Rachel Cusk is unusual, fascinating writing, the protagonist so self-effaced that her name is almost missing entirely. It is a book told through those conversations you have with the talkative stranger next to you on the plane.

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Look how excited they are! Here's a video of people yelling "we did it" and "congratulations" in their respective native tongues:
Here's the napkin where all the NIST researchers put their bets on what the final number would be:

Members of the International Bureau of Weights and Measures (BIPM) -- representatives of 60 countries -- have voted to change the definition of a kilogram effective May 20, 2019.

The kilogram will no longer be the mass of an platinum-iridium cylinder kept in a safe in France, but instead will be proportionate to the Planck constant, h, measured to be 6.626070150 × 10^-34 kg⋅m^2/s.

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Those adorable Sanitation department robots are the highlight of "Maniac". I'm glad they reappear in the coda.

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