this cyber monday i am going to dress up as living tissue over a metal endoskeleton

I've been bit fascinated with the "EURion Constellation" (which prevents copiers & laser printers from reproducing currency in color) and have been thinking up some fun ideas. Hide it in documents sent to gov. agencies, include it in protest signs, put it on temporary tattoos on your face, print it on an otherwise clear license place cover, etc.
It won't stop your pic from being taken, but it might throw a little wrench in the gears.

Who would spend the money on a sonicwall router then have their unsecured guest WiFi bridged to their private network so the PoS systems, security cameras, and everything else is accessible to everyone even remotely nearby?

Today I fixed a copier with a piece of rubber tubing I originally purchased to fix a typewriter and had been using a surplus piece as a grip on a lockpick. How do I explain skills like this on a resumè?

Is it a trap?
Would an appropriate "resume" include a compilation of all the easily searchable data connected to that email?
How far are we expected to go to qualify for an interview?
Is it just a poorly conceived attempt at an "edgy" job ad?

Little white lies - the fine art of scheduling job interviews while you're already employed

Scene: installing a new copier
Me: Do you have an I.T. company manage your network or does someone here?
Them: Oh we don't have I.T., we just have a Comcast modem.

Me: (finds CheckPoint appliance is the gateway) It looks like your blocking the ports we need

Them: Hang on, let me call our TECH COMPANY and see if they know.

Me: 😡🖕🖕🖕

There is something both relaxing & creepy about having the entire laundromat to yourself.

Trying to hack an old eReader into a display for a -ish build. Finally get over the hurdle of getting the SSH connection to work and I realise it's suddenly 1:30 AM and I have to be functional in the morning...

At listening to two activist marching bands at opposite ends of the street as whiffs of spray paint drift through the air

So the satellite radio at work did a EBS test that also included the statement:
"a test message is also being sent to all cellphones in the country. Some cellphones will receive the message, some will not..."
What's the definition of "all" again?

Gotta love custom ROMs. Let's me uncheck the box for the "mandatory" alert. Let's see what happens at 2:18

Birthday complaining 

I'm turning 40 in a few days and I feel like I'm disappointing my family by not having any big celebration ideas, but I just haven't been able to even think about it. With a 10 month old & the past couple weeks prepping for my 18 yo son to move into our small apartment with us there hasn't been time. And there isn't space or money for much right now. I know I want to go to , have fun, and not feel pressured for it to mean something

But at least everyone is running with admin privileges 😳

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When it's faster to download the 100Mb+ printer driver file than it is for windows to load the driver for the USB drive containing the same file. And it's not because they have a fast connection.
And you have to do it 15 times....

I've been thinking about our relationship with social media (FB in particular) in terms of the classic "deal with the devil" of literature.
Being promised a wondrous power in return for a seemingly simple agreement, but the power turns out to be a curse and the agreement was much more expensive than you ever imagined. Only I can't see how the clever protagonist will outsmart the devil this time, and everyone else in the world has already blindly accepted the deal on your behalf.

I was 0 for 4 today at my first event today, though not for lack of effort. And it was a lot of fun and I met some interesting people. Definitely going to do it again.

The moral of the Neverending Story is that the best way to deal with bullies is to get a dragon and then run their asses down with your dragon

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