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The #LibrePlanet 2021 conference is about to begin! Come to and join us in the Jupiter room for the FSF welcome address.

I had a wonderful time participating in today. Stoked for tomorrow. Thank you to everyone who tuned in for my talk.

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The HOPE 2020 conference is online this week! I am hosting a workshop on Friday, July 31st. Surveillance Capitalism, Predictive Analysis, and YOU
Join the conversation or just come and lurk/listen 5PM - 6:30PM ET - We will be using BigBlueButton to chat.

Help out this initiative to get Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) into hospitals. We are looking for community organizers, engineers, medical professionals, anyone with fabrication tools and most importantly anyone who wants to help any way they can! As many freely licensed resources we can contribute, the better!

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"There is a mass of bodies without a name, hidden behind the screen, exposed to workplace surveillance, crowd fleecing, wage theft, and proprietary software. As the free-software activist Micky Metts cautioned: “When building platforms, you cannot build freedom on someone else’s slavery.""

Show thread are you coming to lp?? ;D

Working in a public high school now is showing the harsh reality of the pervasive data collection in the public school system at large. Students seem to know there is something inherently "bad" about some aspects of their internet experience, but have no experience outside of it and largely feel stuck. It seems that this causes them to feel overwhelmed and with no control over their own experience.... So they give up, stop thinking about it and continue scrolling and streaming.... What to do??


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