Look upon my to-do lists ye mighty, and despair.

Collect data.
Objectively analyze said data.
Make a decision in line with your goals.

I did this last night. Zero regrets. Best decision I made in the past week.


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Random thought: with all of these conferences being cancelled due to coronavirus, is anybody looking at the carbon footprint? Seems like less travel == less carbon.

Ugh. Autocorrected to death on top of it all

So for 2 nights in a row I messed around with getting pleroma up and running in a container with minimal success.

Today I spent all day at work chasing down a network issue with... Containers.

Sundays your just can't win.

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Top 10 Star Warses according to me:

1. Pre-special edition Episode IV. i.e. "Star Wars"
2. The last two minutes of Rogue One
3. The Mandalorian
4. Auralnauts Star Wars
5. Auralnauts Kylo Ren Reacts
6. Episode V
10. All the rest

The "joy" of doing a home repair. And then discovering at the end that yes, the cabinet is level, but it is not the same size as the one next to it so now they look funny on the wall...

:blobastonished: :blobangery: :blobsad:

I will not make negative comments...
I will not make negative comments...
<turns TV off>
I will not... Hey, I don't feel like making negative comments!

TFW bot posts are making more sense than posts by humans 🤖

A thought: are we in an age where one person can make a difference by themselves?

Obviously they can make a difference in their own world, but what about globally? Is a crowd always necessary to achieve something?

Tried out todoist for the first time today. WOW. This is a great approach to task tracking.

And even more awesome: there's an emacs package that it took like 5 seconds to setup and is as smooth as butter. :)

New personal motto/goal: "One crisis at a time"

Look upon my unmoved trello cards, ye mighty, and despair (like I do).

I've started trying out using a Bullet Journal.

As I've been logging things on the tracker for this month, I can't help but think it is starting to look like an old school punch card.

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