Is there something between Funkwhale and Apache's mod_index? Something with no/minimal dependencies where I can just toss a pile of audio files in a directory and get a moderately usable player interface?

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@rra @esi Yeah, there are a billion static site generators. I favor Pelican. I was just hoping there was something that had audio in mind. Either it doesn't exist or I've formed my inquiry poorly.

@nivex this is auto index that, among others, wraps audio files in audio tags.

@rra ah, ok. That didn't jump out at me on first glance at the README. I'll take a deeper look.

@gnomon @packetcat Not looking for a shared streaming system. I want the browser to be the player (eg: <audio> tag) and grab the files directly from the webserver, with the option to download.

I suppose I could script up a static site generator to build an index file that has a tiny amount of JavaScript for an onClick event to update the <audio src=> attribute. Just seems like something on this vein ought to exist already.

@nivex mod_index allows you to customise the index file, so if there exists a player in JavaScript you can use, you can combine the two

@nivex maybe already too complex, but Polaris has a really nice interface imho (and there's also an Android app with offline support)

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