I still don't understand all the XMPP hate. It's a decent enough protocol.

@nivex What's a good server? I ought to give self-hosting that a whirl...

@nivex Hmm, is there a federation-off knob somewhere? Maybe I just missed it...

@trini As far as I know, federation is enabled by default, but it requires valid SSL certs on both ends. There is a flag to disable the SSL checking.

@trini @nivex i thought you just deactivate (or comment out) the s2s (server2server) module and you are without federation...

@aslmx @nivex Ah, OK. I'll hopefully give this a whirl soon and maybe post a doc patch.

@nivex What hate? It's fine, it just effectively failed to take the market as intended. Instead of having everybody on an open, federated chat system, everybody lurches from one closed system to another.
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