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If you have an MD380 and would really rather not muck about with Windows for programming it, you need editcp:

It's better than the vendor CPS. You can reorder channels, contacts, zones, etc. by drag and drop. No more delete it all and reload it!

@rey You'll be pleased to know that some of the FreeDV above HF development is happening on a BladeRF.

Spent most of the weekend going over different crowdfunding options, and was on the edge (of starting up my own when Ursula talked sense into me with one simple sentence :

"Never Touch Someone Else's Money"

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@ksonney Your image post is stuck in a loop. I see 21 and counting.

I should be asleep but instead I've documented a protocol that only exists in its source code that was last updated in 2013. How do I end up down these rabbit holes?

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Okay done:

folding@home Mastodon team number is - 233733

cc: @rysiek


I am now offering to double my monthly contribution to any creator that closes their Patreon account entirely.

My contribution alone isn't enough to make this worth it, but if enough people join me, this could make it worthwhile.

Yes, this is vindictive. I want the smoking crater that was Patreon to be a warning to future startups and their investors.

I'm having a good day. Hope you are too!

For my birthday, my 12-year-old (oldest) made a Scratch animation to wish me Happy Birthday, sing it, and hand me a virtual present. He cranked this out before school this morning.

Hour of Code works, y'all!

I recently came across . Built on TeamSpeak 3, which is more proprietary software. I've been in open source long enough that it just seems to flow naturally in . Maybe we need a Mumble based counterpart?

The solution to the NoneType error was to re-introduce --extra-args="console=hvc0". This is not needed for the guest since systemd detects a virtio-console and does the right thing. My guess is virt-install was trying to sanity check the extra-args, which didn't exist. My clue was

I now have a fully automated, graphical-free install.

I've tried changing to
--console pty,target_type=virtio
per the manpage but I get:
ERROR 'NoneType' object is not iterable
when I try to run the install.

I've done a virt-install with --extra-args="console=ttyS0" --nographics and the install runs fine on the serial console. Then when it reboots into the installed environment nothing comes out the serial console. I added a virtual video card back in and I can get in that way. No "console=ttyS0" was added to the installed environment's GRUB. I can't seem to find a way to add this in preseed.cfg either.