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Litany against NAT

apologies to Frank Herbert

I must not NAT.
NAT is the net-killer.
NAT is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my NAT addiction.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the NAT has gone there will be a proper firewall.
Only IPv6 will remain.

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I have my phone set to auto-deny any number that is not in my contact list to combat the ever increasing amount of spam I've been getting. Unfortunately there is one insurance scammer that has taken to leaving voicemails. Multiple VMs a day for the last two weeks.

I contacted my provider about disabling my VM box altogether. They do not support this. You can, however, redirect missed calls to another number instead.

I now send missed calls to:

Eat Rickroll, spammers!

"Signal’s New PIN Feature Worries Cybersecurity Experts"

"The popular encrypted app is now going to store your contacts in the cloud. Experts are worried this compromises users’ privacy."

Glad Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai put this together, including contacting Moxie. Confirms a lot of my understanding and confusion about Signal's new PINs. I think there roll-out is really bad, for many types of users!

is the metric system of the Internet. Once you get it, it's way easier, but nobody wants to upend things to use it on the daily.

How your idea connects to the metal is nowhere near as important as how your idea connects to the human. Every time I see a free software enthusiast arguing that Apple "just" took and idea from somebody else and polished up the UI, I have to work hard not to despair for free software as an ideology.

It's twenty fucking twenty, I can buy a goddamn supercomputer for ten bucks and people still talk like how the idea talks to the hardware is the important part.

@djsundog As part of the Fediverse cultural exchange program, I would like to share this gem with the citizens of Sundogistan:

"You can’t pack every last ounce of joy, beauty, and elegance into something while simultaneously trying to squeeze every last dollar out of it."

h/t @craigmaloney

Looks like I will be trying out Session messenger ( It's a fork of #Signal with many of the same advantages, in particular unproblematic setup. It appears to have made more sensible decisions in some areas however - accounts not bound to phone numbers, random recovery codes etc.

One has to share a lengthy Session ID before communicating with someone however.

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So Moxie backtracked and says they'll push a fix to make pins optional. Meanwhile if you don't add a pin (which the app still doesn't say will /upload your signal contact list into the signal servers/) you can't get back in to coordinate a platform switch with your secure contacts. Unless you were already using the desktop app which isn't pin locked, or somehow manage to downgrade the phone app.

Suddenly being held data-hostage -- turn over this data or you can't talk to the people, not even to arrange a different means of contact -- without any forewarning is unacceptable and a perfect example of why centralized infrastructure and single-client rather than interoperable systems are a major failure.

Oh my god. Am I reading this right?

The reason Dennis Ritchie - by which I mean, _Dennis Ritchie_ - didn't get his PhD from Harvard is because Harvard was too cheap to spring for the printing costs of the physical copy of his dissertation?

The friends we've made here aren't as important to us as creating a community that actually looks out for one another.

We left Twitter for the same reason we're writing this thread here. We don't plan on staying here forever because even if we denied it at first, it's been abundantly clear all along that this place is for white tech bros, not marginalized people.

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FYI Linux Mint is dropping Snap

Their May monthly explained the reasons for this, including a clip from June from last year

Being a sysadmin who understands networking means I cringe a lot.

If your first instinct is to run NAT on , put it down and go back to IPv4.

I'm quite serious.

The whole point is to break free of the layers of cruft. If you need that stuff, just stick with what you got.

This subtoot brought to you by reading Docker IPv6 tutorials and recoiling in terror.

Tried to talk (well, digital, so type) to a friend in Ohio and ended up talking to a station in Florida instead.

20m OL8/250 if you're curious.

This is your periodic reminder that you should be leaving github due to their refusal to drop their ICE contracts.

When I think about moving to Debian from Ubuntu, one of the things I feel like I would miss is the always up-to-date Firefox. I'm starting to wonder if I'd be OK with the ESR version after all.

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Y’all, my newest housemate brought their 11-year-old TV to the house and you would not *believe* some of the features it has:
- literal 1-*second* boot up time. Unheard of
- UI responds instantly to input
- UI Design & UX is clear, consistent and well-suited to the input method (remote)
- doesn’t know what wifi or Ethernet is so it isn’t in a botnet or mining bitcoin
- isn’t sending private tracking data to who-knows-how-many companies’ servers, because see above
- doesn’t demand software updates or brick itself
- has things called “HDMI ports” for if you want to augment its functionality

How about we make 2021 the year of the return of non-smart TVs

I fiddle with the controls.
"I wish we could go to June 29, 2009."
"To professor Hawking's Time Traveller's Party? Don't we all. But it's too dangerous to go that far back."
"When's the earliest we can go?"
"The universal antipathogen rollout, when we don't risk anyone's life."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

Someone says: It's cross platform.
It runs on Windows and Mac.
It runs on Android and iOS.

What I hear:

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