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"And I realized, when you go through any endeavor, any journey, whether across town or to the moon and back, all that matters is that you share the experience with people that you love. That’s what makes life special, β€˜cause ultimately, that’s all there is. That’s really all there is."
-- Alan Bean, fourth man on the moon

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Litany against NAT

apologies to Frank Herbert

I must not NAT.
NAT is the net-killer.
NAT is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my NAT addiction.
I will permit it to pass over me and through me.
And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path.
Where the NAT has gone there will be a proper firewall.
Only IPv6 will remain.

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I have my phone set to auto-deny any number that is not in my contact list to combat the ever increasing amount of spam I've been getting. Unfortunately there is one insurance scammer that has taken to leaving voicemails. Multiple VMs a day for the last two weeks.

I contacted my provider about disabling my VM box altogether. They do not support this. You can, however, redirect missed calls to another number instead.

I now send missed calls to:

Eat Rickroll, spammers!

Some nostalgia:
Back in the days of answering machines, my best friend had this on the one in his dorm room.


FOX News chyron: "Now that Democrats have taken control of the administration and Congress, will capitalism survive?"

I sure hope not, but it seems all too likely :(

I'm not a "let us into the military" trans, i'm a "defund the military and give me some fucking healthcare" trans.

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I'm not an "x on the driver's license" nonbinary.
I'm a "remove gender from any documentation that doesn't need it" nonbinary.

I'm picturing @djsundog keying the send data command into Vger's ground test computer in Forth.

Huge opportunity for funding #InternetAccess projects in the southeastern USA - if you live in the southeast US, or know people who do, please share this info about a new grant program to help create better #broadband access through projects such as #communitynetworks and more.

More info:



Hard work has a future payoff. Laziness pays off now.

* reads @djsundog 's toots
* skims the Wikipedia article on Forth

... and I thought Erlang was weird.

By my calculations one could put 19200bps in a 25KHz channel (same as current amateur analog FM) by using 4FSK with h=0.33 at 9600 baud or GMSK.

In that stream could be Opus at 12-16Kbps for superior audio quality.

How do I make this happen?

Putting this here so that it's somewhere.

The windows driver for Yaesu's SCU-35 cable is hiding in their software bundle for the radio you plan to use it with.

So for example, it doesn't matter if you plan to use CHIRP with your FT-65R, you still need to get the driver bundle by downloading the entire "FT-65R/FT-65E Memory Programmer" bundle from the product page.

Because reasons.

Annoyed because literally nowhere on the internet thought to mention this. So I am.

Good morning.

Man, it's a cold one. Like seven parsecs from the nearest sun.


Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with Omada? I think that might be my home wireless upgrade.

After 20 years as a Networking At Scale professional (before fleeing bad management to become a general Unix troubleshooter), I really don't know what to do with "consumer" equipment. For instance, /of course/ I need VLANs! No, I have never owned a Windows or DOS computer (don't really know how to use Windows, really don't care).

Β»We stand between the darkness and the light …«
RIP Mira Furlan
7. September 1955 – 20. Januar 2021

@rey Fox bird!

"An unlikely launch system, one using a 70-foot rocket fired from a converted jumbo jet, sent 10 small satellites into low-earth orbit on Sunday, January 17th. One of those cubesats was AMSAT's RadFxSat-2/Fox 1E, the fifth and final FOX-1 satellite built by AMSAT."


it is becoming apparent that I am not expressing anti-cryptocoin sentiment often enough.

Seen on t-shirt:
Why be racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, when you could just be quiet?

Our ancestors looked at the stars, found patterns, and told stories. It's what people do.
But stars move. Now the Power constellation looks nothing like the glyph. But use this star instead of that, and it looks like the Hope glyph.
We can tell new stories. It's what people do.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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