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[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-02-21 - The Hidden Almanac

Have found the Calming Manatee Tumblr. I read the captions to myself in Fred Roger's voice.

The sheer amount of crap going on both in my life and in the world at large is enough to make me scream. When do I get a respite?

"Sir, are you classified as human?"
"Uhh, negative. I am a meat popsicle."

Discussion on another medium turned to floppy drive music. For your listening pleasure:

The Floppotron:

I'm laughing at the coincidence of this being today's Joy of Tech while Star Trek music comes up on my playlist.

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-02-19 - The Hidden Almanac

@ksonney Never mind, found it on the Hidden Almanac site (Blue Yeti).

@ksonney What do you use for your podcasts?

Dear lazyweb:
I'm looking for a good quality voice recorder. Recommendations welcome for a solid standalone unit or a good microphone to connect to a laptop.

When the god fell to Earth, the people who found him built a temple.
He lived there for centuries, too embarrassed to admit he'd tripped.
#MicroFiction #tootfic #smallstories

[Hidden Almanac] The Hidden Almanac for 2018-02-14 - The Hidden Almanac

On this day in 2003 I officially became an NC resident. Wow, 15 years. Crazy. (Sorry, I don't have anything more profound.)

"While everyone would like to work for a nice person who is always right, IT pros will prefer a jerk who is always right over a nice person who is always wrong."

There's something WRONG with your industry and your social connections if you prefer sociopaths and narcissists as opposed to people who care about each other and what each other needs.

Is it any wonder that the IT and tech fields are so full of abuse and toxicity? I think NOT.