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Nivex 🐧 πŸ“»

My therapist says healthy adults ask for what they want.

I want my children to learn this skill, and not to think it prevents colds, so I say:

Emotionally-healthy people ask for what they want.

Just mention what you want. You might not get a pony, but at least it's known that you actually want a pony. Otherwise it's random at best that you get what you really want.

This is sometimes phrased as "Use your words" but is one of the times when I don't subscribe to my mantra of SHORTEN.

I have always had concerns about Android ecosystem, and recent KRACK vuln has caused me to re-eval: Could I ditch my "phone" altogether?

I have 6 primary modes: IRC, XMPP, Wire, Signal, WhatsApp, Zello.

Signal, WhatsApp have a hard dependence on handset. Zello's desktop offering is Windows only.

Wire provides web equiv to Signal and WhatsApp, but I'd have to get my friends to move. Only 1 friend primary on Zello.

So, it's theoretically possible. What other conveniences would I miss?

I own three Android devices. None of them will ever be updated to patch the KRACK vuln. Kinda makes me want to toss them all in the refuse, but one is my daily driver at the moment πŸ˜•

i'd like a ksp but where you design the engines instead of the ship

It's oh-dark-thirty. Why am I awake?

Hello Mastodon, here is @ConnyDuck, the new maintainer of Tusky :)

"Sadiq, you don't need to run ethernet to the Xbox One, it can use the wi-fi"


Today's installment of phrases I never expected to say:

This rack-mountable server is better than that one for the ratio of [possible] VMs to decibels.

They're both loud, but one has much more RAM and CPU, and the other ... well, the other has a floppy drive and VGA.

🎢 E-mo-ji, e-mo-jo, life goes on, bra
as we toot on Mas-to-don 🎢

Tried AndStatus but it's slow and doesn't handle CW *at all*, so I guess I'll stick with Tusky or fall back to the mobile web.

What are folks using as an Android client for Mastodon? I'm currently on Tusky and looking to switch it up.

I on vaguely posted about this prior, but, I haven't developed #tusky since august. I've been doing a game project and am going to be doing outside work soon and I don't see myself coming back to it.

I feel like the best move would be to hand it off to another maintainer. But also it's free to fork, of course, as the source code is open.

Correction, National Bat _Appreciation_ Month!

I have bats living behind one of the shutters of my house, and I'm happy to see them. Mosquitoes love to bite me, so bring on critters who don't want to bite me but do want to eat those mosquitoes!

I have a very squeaky yard around dusk.

Heh, @Tusky doesn't (yet?) display the custom emojis in 2.0.