Had an interesting start to a conversation yesterday about Mastodon servers, and the driving philosophy under them.

And how you're either aiming to create a service or a community, and how these actually have different motivations and requirements.

And I thought that was interesting.

Politics and Uteruses I guess? Uteri? 

I haven't posted much on mastodon because immediately after the roe news my feed had a lot of "remember to cw your politics posts!!!!!!!!!!"

And I just felt SO deflated

This is my body and my life and I felt immediately that I would misstep somewhere so I defaulted to yelling on birdsite

Anyway that's why I have not posted much

I need to get a photo / editing process going again. I still miss picassa a lot - I have been using Lightroom, but would like to get away from adobe, and I've tried so many other things but haven't found anything I like much

Joined the makerspace again finally! First goals are to make some succulent pots for these cute plants

Learned from videos I am probably using too much chalk

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Watching YouTube videos on how to tape up my torn palms so I can climb again tomorrow. Next step: venturing out to buy the tape

Had two very long work days so today is a lazy day. Finnick is helping.

The ruby oai gem has been released at v1.2.0: github.com/code4lib/ruby-oai/r

I joined the admin group recently and marched through all the open issues and PRs. We're now down to 3 small PRs for optional features and have resolved all the code-related issues. The gem is also running CI again. The #code4lib community came through on reviews.

The blacklight_oai_provider gem is next!

I've gone 6 times now and look forward to the callouses building up

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I've taken up indoor bouldering lately and it's done a number on my hands

Apparently the mastodon instance I am on is blocked as spam by some other instances so I can't follow a bunch of people

This experiment might not last because I'm just tired already

On my to-do list: get the meta stuff in place so the social media cards work

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Site is launched! This site, which collects artifacts and stories from 5 Holocaust survivors and liberators who lived in Nebraska, has been great to work on, and more to come soon!


Is there a way to "quote retoot" on mastodon?

Welcome to the fedi, new folks! We're glad you're here.

If you try to follow me and get told that I have to approve your request: this means that the server you have an account on is lax on harassment and abuse complaints.

Please get an account on a server that has--and enforces--a solid code of conduct.

Hacker type? Try hackers.town.
Writer type? mastodon.art
BSD Unix type? bsd.network

If you're abusive, a habitual troll, homophobic/racist, or just pick fights online, these instances will reject your application. We won't be interacting here, and honestly--I'm not sorry about that. I have too many books left to write to waste my time arguing with them folks.

It's site launch day! I'm always super worried something will go wrong with the site on launch day so 🤞🤞🤞

(Will post URL of site later)

I'm glad buttcoin dunking also happens on Masto

Was searching for the mastodon app and this weird "social network" that's obviously a scam popped up and the reviews are cracking me up

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