Dusting off my blog after half a year. What a loser

@alcinnz The copyright cabal going after Internet Archive. Despicable. Absolutely shameful. Libraries should be temples, whether online or off. They should be the centrepiece and pride of our species. Their doors should swing wide open for all comers, both writers and readers. Any society which undercuts the Library has lost the aegis of Heaven.

"I use Linux as my operating system," I stated proudly to the unkempt, bearded man. He swiveled around in his desk chair with a devilish gleam in his eyes, ready to mansplain with extreme precision. "Actually," he said with a grin, "Linux is just the kernel. You use GNU+Linux!" I don't miss a beat and reply with a smirk: "I use Abyss, a distro that doesn't include the GNU coreutils, or any other GNU code. It's Linux, but not GNU+Linux."

The smile quickly drops from the man's face. His body began convulsing, he foamed at the mouth, and he dropped to the floor with a sickly thud. As he writhed around he screamed, "I-IT WAS COMPILED WITH GCC! THAT MEANS IT'S STILL GNU!" In a cool fashion, I replied "Abyss uses the LLVM compiler suite, GCC uninvolved."

With a sickly wheeze, the last of the man's life was ejected from his body. He lied on the floor, cold and limp. I've womansplained him to death.

Just arrived at elementaryOS. Great first impressions! 🤩

Gadgetbridge saved my fitband! So I wrote a post about it to thank those guys! :angery: sivridis.com/posts/gadgetbridg

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

@mikebabb before a couple of days I setup netlify too. I was also pleased 👍


⚀ ⚅ ⚅ ⚀ ⚀→#connected
⚂ ⚂ ⚄ ⚃ ⚄→#hatred
⚁ ⚂ ⚂ ⚁ ⚁→#dinginess
⚀ ⚀ ⚅ ⚅ ⚀→#ankle
⚂ ⚁ ⚄ ⚁ ⚀→#grader
⚅ ⚂ ⚅ ⚂ ⚄→#unfilled


Roll your own @ eff.org/deeplinks/2016/07/new-

This is what I use to listen to music every single day, it's light, resistant, repairable, standard, carries 64GB of music and will play music for nearly 100 hours.

I paid 16$ for it.

Degooglifying part #2: disroot.org
They got everything. What a beautiful service! Email+Nextcloud=

Keeping a blog is hard work! Even if no one reads it :ablobowo:

It will be a fun project and quite refreshing experience of it works. As always thanks XDA🤩

On weekend took a step towards a degooglified phone. Unlocked my trashy Huawei p8 L and installed LineageOS without Google apps at all.

It is easy, and it teaches you the basics. Basically you learn by doing. I'm open to suggestions for contributions in javascript at least.


The Fedora translation group for my language is taking ages to accept me.
In the meantime I'm learning how to contribute with firstcontributions.github.io/

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