Can people please stop using the word as adjective and use the correct word for it? Thank you!

it's all about that space, about that space, no touchies!

If you want to support a good cause, here's a I just signed up to. Amazing work, fedding children in the Filipines. Please share and help if you can

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What did you think as a would be awesome about that turned out not to be at all?

What did you think as a would be awesome about that turned out not to be at all?

5 hours left to rate this gorgeous game, The Floor is Lava:

Also check out this Zombie Shooter without Shooting:

Have fun :)

I'm almost finished with my FLorence Nightingale coursework. But that last bit is so hard, because I already used up my motivation. Anyone have any flasks of motivation? I can treat muffins. Give +5 happiness. Unless you'd like extra sprinkles, that'd be +5 happiness and +2 fabulous.

I identify as a candle because I'm lit.

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People often wonder why printers are so cantankerous but frankly any device that embeds pigmented runes in the remains of long-dead trees is going to be stricken by an ancient faerie curse from the start

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Youtube-Videos #DSGVO-konform einbetten? Das geht in #Wordpress mit "WP Youtube Lyte". Der Unterschied ist optisch kaum erkennbar - der Privacy Badger zeigt aber die grüne 0:

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Wenn ich manche Diskussionsverläufe hier nach der "letzten Welle" so überfliege, verstärkt sich meine Sorge, daß die Förderation, das #fediverse, mastodon nur technisch andere Ansätze sind, die keines der Probleme auf "anderen" sozialen Netzen wirklich lösen - sondern daß es dafür anderes Verhalten braucht. Das konnten wir schonmal besser, "online" - vielleicht sollten wir das revidieren und wiederbeleben...:

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If you'd like to go into absolute denial, check out the potato paradox:

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I added a "filter" to block certain words but now I get these silly little nearly-blank posts that say "filtered" in them.

Does anyone know how I can turn those off?

Another tip for travelling in the : Buying bus or train tickets online can save a LOT of money. Also check out return tickets, sometimes a combined ticket with return is cheaper than a one way ticket. Sometimes a ticket from A to B and B to C is cheaper than one ticket from A to C directly. Also use a proxy or VPN when buying tickets online.

Tip for all travellers to : many trains are very tight; make sure to check them out before travelling with a bike or buggy etc

Visited the in today, quite nicely done. I recommend getting the guide book for £5, very well written and informative.

Would someone like to write my Nightingae coursework for me? I got all the material needed, just not the strength to actually sit down and write. MEH

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