My Internet connection is being crap (more so than usual) tonight. I got support to grudgingly admit to an outage, but that was only after the tech had insulted my intelligence by telling me that the cold sometimes affects the WiFi (the problem is at the CMTS you jackass).

If it's not better in the morning I'm gonna call support again, and I swear if they try to blame it on the eclipse I'm gonna cancel my service on the spot.

@nivex Remember when Cisco TAC told me that neutrinos caused my supervisor board to reboot during the middle of the day? Without asking for or looking at the crash file?? During a solar minimum???

I'm impressed just how much that still irritates me.

@nethope Yeah, that's what I was thinking of while this guy was spewing utter BS.

@nivex Do you suppose Cisco TAC and Spectrum support have a version of the BofH excuse generator?

I only see one excuse blaming neutrinos, "neutrino overload on the nameserver," but I wouldn't be surprised if there were another version.

@nethope I made the mistake of telling the tech that this has been happening when it gets cold. I'd hoped they might start looking for a pattern like a filter that's dying or something. Instead I think they're trained to make something up based on what the customer tells them to try and put us at ease. Probably works on less technical people too :(


@nivex Years ago, I was unofficially assigned to support the most difficult person in the Networking group, someone who despised change. He didn't want his cheese moved, even if it simplified his workflow. He had his habits!

I learned that the only way to survive delivering the news of moved cheese was to AGREE with whatever wacky reason he had to HATE the cheese move, "but since that's what we have to do, let me show you new habits" and we were fine.

Step 1: agree with the customer.

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