I was tricked! I thought my second alarm, the one for, "you absolutely have to get up now", had gone off, but it was only my first alarm - which allows for some semblance of quiet time before I start my day. Guess my body decided it needed that over more rest. 😄

@viciousviscosity One of the changes I had to make to reduce my insomnia was NOT to leap out of bed IMMEDIATELY. That quiet transition time between asleep and awake is important.

I used to go from asleep with eyes closed to eyes wide open, bouncing out of bed, ready to go, full coherent sentences ... even when I woke up in the middle of the night. I couldn't fall asleep in less than 90 minutes, I couldn't stay asleep, and I often woke up hours before my alarm.

Very neat information, thanks for sharing! It explains while my coffee naps work so well: drink coffee and nap for 20 minutes, caffeine has kicked in, but before I've napped too long for sleep inertia to hit.

@viciousviscosity Yes, this is mostly just the science, the why, behind you already knowing how to take care of yourself! Go you, for knowing your needs AND taking care of yourself! I believe in celebrating that!

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