At the laundromat today, I realized I hadn’t brought detergent, so I walked across the street to the grocery store to buy some. Walking out the door into the parking lot, I started looking for my car. Where the fuck did I park my car?!? Panic rising, trying not to lose my shit, I remembered I walked here. Phew! Bought a cocktail next door to soothe my nerves. (Or something. 😉)

Why would anyone ever make PCs anymore when perfection already exists?

Make another computer that looks like this Apple you cowards

I bought a Gai wan yesterday to brew my puerhs better since I just had an English style pot (far too big!). loving the results

also it's super cute.

The days go quick when you're doing rad shit.

"To limit the throughput of materials in a system one should also consider software’s ability to drive or diminish obsolescence. The expansion of unnecessary features and inefficiencies within software drive hardware obsolescence by making older hardware increasingly unsuitable."

While running I took these pictures of one of the industrial landscapes from my city.

I found these wonders on the trash. There's a phrase that says "one man's trash is another man's treasure".

I live for the look on Linux enthusiasts' faces when I tell them that I'm actually still using Apache OpenOffice "because it's basically fine".

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