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New album from my project with @rusty

This time we had the collaboration of the cyberpunk writer Kenji Siratori.

The album includes a PDF with the texts.



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Uma parede de ouvidos new album, Um vazio obsceno, is out. This is the latest work by me and @rusty . Enjoy!

"1960: (Cage was 48) Cage was talking continually about Nothing-ness. I asked him: 'What about...when you die, you burn all the tapes and scores and leave to music history only one like: "there lived a man called John Cage"?' Cage answered: 'It would be too dramatic.'"

- Nam June Paik in 1993

I just discovered NsCDE (Not so Common Desktop Environment). Beautiful!

Big difference between Twitter and the Fediverse: on the Fediverse, you don't need to be "important" for people to follow or interact with you.

There are no blue checks.

Famous people aren't given white glove treatment.

i am making a new artist website with hand coded html/css, if anyone has neat examples of other sites created this way please feel free to send links my way :) i am looking for inspiration for navigation and layout.

Me several hours ago: I have stuff to do. I can't waste time today.

Me now: I played Fortnite all afternoon. I should go do something.

I played Samba today on a rehearsal for an upcoming show. I haven't done it for a while. I was missing this. Playing music was always of great importance to me.

Did an upgrade and it broke my Fedora system. I think it is related to my very old nvidia GPU. It made a strange glitch and now the resolution is not right and there's a strange blue grid in the background. I also had to change a line in GRUB for it to boot properly.

the audacious audacity for music software to be named so similarly

I can't play more today. My eyes are screaming in Fortnite. I might need glasses.

Please unlearn the harmful conditioning you've received your whole life. No authority but yourself. Your life is your own.

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