I'm so sleepy right now... I'm slowly shutting down. Game Over.

home PC nostalgia 

My family's first ever home PC had this sound card in it. The year was 1999.

I recall playing around in the demo application and being wowed by the cheesy sounds and effects:


Let's make a colour together! <3


Sunday work: Drones with a very old Yamaha Portasound PSS-170 keyboard.

I discovered a nice method to put some 3D into existing paintings :)

Here I took one gouache painting from last year.

I hope you like the gif and not getting dizzy.

#art #mastoart #fedionly #3D

"A cor do fogo que ultrapassa os limites do inferno. Arrasta-os a todos com correntes de ferro ardente."

- Noite

"Chai tea"?? Was "masala" to difficult for all y'all? Chai means tea.

Hey, barista, I'd like some tea tea milk, please!

Watching emo anime and crying is my aesthetic.

No Starch Press sent me a canvas print of my first book cover, for being with them for 20 years.

Shown here together, my oldest and newest Beastie.

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