музея истории вычислительной техники в Кишиневе
(Museum of the History of Computer Technology in Chișinău, Moldova) set up a #PeerTube instance at oldpcmuseum.ru

There is an interactive tour of the museum here: viar.live/embed/tour/thxlkc

Yesterday, for the first time in quite a long time, I was back at the sea, in Gourock. First a swim in the outdoor pool, which is right next to the sea. Surprisingly, I had never done this. After tomorrow they close for the season so it was just in time. Fortunately the water is heated (about 28C), because otherwise it would have been a bit nippy. The picture shows a view from the poolside.

Every once in a while I will meet up with some old friends and enjoy some beers. We are all beer nerds (some more extreme then others) so this is a good reason to reconnect.

Tonight we drank the same beer, but aged on different barrels and bottled at different times.

Shared by five people we actually drank less then we did at previous times 😬

It was fun to see how age, and the barrel it aged in, affects the flavors.

It was a fun night!

Look, I made two new seals! I don't know what took me so long to carve that one soapstone I had for so long (20 years)!

Hey, friends of the Fediverse. Just because I'm curious, what's your eye color?

Boosts appreciated for sample size <3

I've been playing Legend of Grimrock. It's been a while since I last enjoyed a game so much.

I was trying pidgin with purple facebook . But not being able to share images is a deal breaker. As an artist I often need to share images.

Those frustrating palettes can be demoralizing for beginners who may not understand yet, why their mixes turn out weird or why they aren't able to mix a colour they like from the palette they got.

Qualoty of the paints is not everything, colour selection is equally important and needs to be cohesive.

#art #MastoArt #artistproblem

Hey #Linux people! Here's a poll for you. Reposting appreciated :comfygeek:

Which do you use for you main system?

Massive rain in the morning. Now it's more clear. The sun shows once in a while.

This resembles tropical weather. Summer heat and rain. It's not normal in my country. We used to have very defined seasons and by September it started to get cold. The effects of climate change are getting stronger.

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