everything is masto
everything is cool when you're proud of a toot

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my oulipo account is a compliant naxuu@oulipo.social

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when the bullshit on the federated timeline is overwhelming to process

[wall of text you regret slogging through]

the Tusky app started working for me, fyi. give it a try if you had trouble before

when your actions today will cause the deaths of untold numbers of people across the world but you know your style is super poppin

the bollywood take on BREAKING BAD looks slightly different

is there a way for me, on my android phone, to not just start my clock app with a single touch gesture (i can do this via Nova Launcher), but ~begin the stopwatch on my clock app~, with a single gesture?

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@naxuu - Something borrowed your body while you were asleep and took it for a joyride. Apparently it loves Les Claypool.

i slept for 11 hours, my phone wallpaper changed somehow, and i have primus's "my name is mud" in my head for some reason. what happened

*pontificates about data privacy, kernels, ip, open source, server cruft, idempotent database architecture, mind-body decentralization, evernote brainstem juicing, and microdosing on pure self-actualization*

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mastodon, an ephemeral and unstable collection of embattled fiefdoms, was primarily inspired by roguelikes

i feel emotionally drained whenever i see a bio that's like "i'm a at Stripe" or whatever. be more interesting

the game theory rant would look even more unhinged with mastodon's 500 character limit, i bet. the barking pseudo-lolcat is-he-doing-a-bit-or-just-on-uppers style that relies on a character limit for what little rhetorical power it has would not survive even a few hundred more characters per segment. the illusion that he knows what he's talking about woukd be broken completely

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don't @ me if you're not givin me a full 500 chars

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