This Dec 5 talk by @Florini on how people create online enclaves for conversation away from harassment may be of interest to people on Mastodon:

Finally getting some of my art on the wall. This one is a panel from Nick Sousanis's graphic novel PhD dissertation.

Statue of the day: Angeline Eberly shot a cannon to protect the Texas archives in Austin from a secret incursion ordered by Sam Houston in 1842

Photo by John Nestor on Flickr. Sculpture by Pat Oliphant

.@ethanz writes about Mastodon's popularity as part of a wider report with Chelsea Barabas and Neha Narula on decentralized publishing:

My contribution: Platform-based social change will continue to be risky without progress on evaluation and governance by platform users

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New report on harmful speech online by folks at the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard, useful for thinking about Mastodon instance management:

Hi everyone, went quiet on Mastodon for a while during the dissertation, now back. *waves*

I am so conflicted about what to eat tomorrow. Denver has *three* Guatemalan restaurants, which is a rare treat. But they also have a Native American restaurant, which is impossible to get in Boston.

I'm leaning towards Native American cuisine.

Today I ate vegetarian Arepas at a local restaurant in Boulder.

They were open-faced, round with artistically-bordered patterns like galettes. The corn + cheese + peppers arepa was creamy, and the mushroom arepa was smooth and flavorful.

Today, I totally borrowed the title of a Stephen Universe episode for my blog post about finishing the PhD

Maybe I will use octodon to share what I am eating. Last week, I enjoyed fresh fruit from Frog Hollow Farm, the farm that supplies Chez Panisse in Berkeley. Someone surprised me with a gift.

The pears were fantastic. After some ripening, they offered the perfect combination of melting sugary liquid with a texture that still yielded to each bite.

For the main I had Shyakpa, which was great. It reminded me of my childhood, when my parents would put dumplings in our soup too:

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Went to a nice Nepali restaurant and enjoyed the Momos. So tasty!

The Pollen has attacked in force here in Boston, so I have quarantined myself inside until my dissertation defense.

Last sighting of the Pollinator:

519,012 accounts
+16,102 in the last day
+128,797 in the last week
1,324 active instances

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